How To Stay Motivated During The Christmas Period

The festive period is closing in, thick and fast. Christmas gift hunting is well and truly in motion and families are in heated debates as to who is having grandma this Christmas. It is the one time of year where everyone, (including the gym fanatics) allows themselves to indulge and load their plates like they’re pulling off a heist. If you’ve been working hard at your fitness goals throughout the year, then easing off your strict diet for a few days won’t hurt. However, trying to offset it in a minor way would obviously be more beneficial than just forgetting about your health altogether. Even if you only make a small contribution to your fitness goals during the holidays, it’s important to still be in a motivated state of mind.


So, we’re going to outline a few pointers to help prevent you from detouring too much from your fitness path. It’s okay to have a more relaxed attitude towards food at Christmas time but you don’t want to start the new year with a big hill to climb to undo the damage. So, let’s get into our tips to keep you motivated.

Light cardio is better than no cardio


You may want to let your body rest and say no to your usual workout routines but getting your steps in should still be the bare minimum. Try and rally your family for a scenic, winter walk. It doesn’t have to be a full-on hiking expedition but you can knock down 1-2 miles in under an hour. If the family are not as enthusiastic as you, then you may need to go solo… If you don’t fancy braving the cold then you do have some home-bound options. Such as a brisk walk on the treadmill or slow-paced cycle on an exercise bike. This is an area where we can definitely accommodate you. We have an extensive range of cardio equipment that you can tap into to help you achieve this.

Warm up your kit


This is a little trick you can try to keep you motivated to exercise in the colder weather. It’s far too easy to just shut yourself off from the world during the winter months and refrain from any outdoor activities. However, there are a few things you can do to make the prospect slightly less daunting. One of those being warming up your running gear or gym kit. Pop your kit in the airing cupboard or radiator overnight and then when you step out into the blizzard, the initial cold temperature won’t feel so intense.

Take it easy on the boozing

Most of us enjoy a good drink at Christmas and it’s a nice way to unwind with loved ones. Whether your go-to tipple is mulled wine, spirits, IPA’s, the list goes on… The one thing you shouldn’t do, is go crazy. Don’t write off the next day with a rotten hangover by indulging in a night centred around bloating and sleep deprivation. If you are going to drink slightly heavier than usual, then try to drink a glass of water in-between every alcoholic drink you consume. This will help improve your sleep and allow you to stay motivated to get some exercise the following day.

Eat until you’re full, not stuffed


Okay, so to some of you this may sound like it completely defeats the point of Christmas dinner but hear me out. Christmas spreads are loaded with amazing meats, carbs and seasonal veg. They are also loaded with calories… Most of us get carried away and overindulge by piling our plates full of this festive comfort food. However, we usually end up undoing a button or two during the competitive family board game period, that follows after dinner. So, why not enjoy the food but not overfeed yourself? Start with a smaller serving and if that hasn’t filled you up to the brim, then go in for seconds.



So, there you have it. Those are four handy tips to implement, that will hopefully help you offset any unwanted weight gain or dips in motivation. If you’ve worked hard for 11 months then there’s no need to crash in the final month. Make some small changes, allow yourself to indulge on Christmas day but make sure to be mindful towards exercise and meal portions on the days that surround it. Consider home workouts and try to do a bit of exercise to offset the calorie overload. If you don’t know where to begin with home workouts, then check out our weights range; affordable and portable bits of kit that deliver great home workouts every time.

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