How to reduce your heating bill by being more active at home

Everybody is feeling the pinch of increased living costs at the moment and there doesn’t seem to be a resolution in sight. This has forced many to flock to onesies, blankets and an abundance of hot chocolates in a bid to reduce their usage of their central heating. However, these are not your only options if you want to reduce your heating bill. Being more active at home is a great way to warm up your body naturally and can be very effective. Keep reading to find out some tips that will help you put some central heating-free minutes in the tank.


  1. Exercise in your down time


If you allocate 40 minutes in your evenings to watch your favourite soap, then why not do something active alongside your viewing. For example, some slow and steady body weight squats or static lunges. You could even grab an aerobic stepper and perform a circuit featuring different exercises with varying degrees of intensity. If you need some inspiration then we have plenty of different workout circuits on our social media channels than you can check out and follow along.




Everybody loves to get a little groovy and roll their hips from time to time and I won’t be convinced otherwise. So, the vital need to keep your body warm is a great excuse to dance like nobody is watching. You probably think you’re Celine Dion in the shower so why not bust it like MJ when you’re stir-frying. Tell Alexa to play something jazzy and get moving, just make sure you don’t get completely lost in the moment and burn your beansprouts.


  1. Leave your devices in different rooms


This is a great tip to physically force you to get up and be more active. Put your phone in the one room and leave it there. When you want to respond to a conversation, you’ll have to get up and walk to the other room to send a reply. If your social circle is a dryer than the Gobi Desert or you’re in a standoff with the girl’s group chat then skip this one…



  1. Clean the house more often


Regular cleaning is a rarity in some households so here’s a great excuse to get up and do it! Put some elbow grease into your dusting and polishing and you’ll be surprised at how much this will heat you up. Every additional minute you can accumulate before putting your heating on, will add up.

  1. Get active with home workouts


This is a no brainer really but I saved the best for last. A dedicated cardio or resistance training session can easily amount to an extra hour saved before whacking on the heating. With the range of home workout equipment on the market today, it’s quite easy to get a good session in. We have a large selection of weights to assist you with resistance training. Our PU dumbbells range from 4 to 32kg and are a great option to work all of the key muscle groups. If you want an all-in-one option, then the cast iron dumbbell set offers the ability to adjust the weight from 2kg to 20kg in one standalone set.

If cardio is more your thing, then rest assured we’ve got you covered in that department too. Our R200 is our most popular rowing machine and is incredibly light weight and sleek, making it ideal for any sized living space. If cycling is more your thing, then the IC300 Pro might be up your alley. Our best-selling indoor cycle.


So now you’ve got some options to choose from that will hopefully help you reduce your energy bills. If you’re new to exercising then now is a great time to start. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of starting, then rest assure you’re in good hands. Take a look at our other blog posts here for a complete overview on getting started with fitness. Make sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming black Friday sale too to get yourself some discounted equipment.



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