How to maintain motivation throughout your 2023 fitness journey

The new year is in full swing, discounted gym fees are luring in new prospects hoping to make amends for the festive feasting. The car park is full and all of a sudden you find yourself waiting in a queue to use the leg press… The new year has given people a new lease of motivation.

You may be in the midst of this for the first time or perhaps this isn’t your first rodeo. Either way, don’t follow the herd and fall into the trap. The vast majority of newcomers will go as hard as possible, cut a bit of weight and burnout. ‘50% of all new health club members quit within the first six months of signing up’, according to the International Health, Racquet & Sports Club Association.

This is great if your goal is to make weight for a fight or fit into wedding dress. However, it is not the best approach if you’re hoping to develop a fitness regimen with some longevity to it. We have constructed this blog post to help you build a system that will keep your motivation high throughout the year.


What are your goals?


Determining your goals is a great way to give yourself something to aim for that you can progressively work towards. By adding a numerical target, you can keep yourself accountable for your progress. Setting a long-term target allows you to work towards it every session and you can simply focus on improving your fitness by 1% every day.

If your goal is to lose weight then you should identify a target weight you wish to get down to. Weigh yourself every Sunday when you wake up.

Your motivation to pursue fitness will be sustained by the depleting number on the weighing scales each week. Your clothes will start to fit differently too which is also another great motivator. If your goal is to gain muscle then make sure to take progress pictures every day. Watching your physique change and develop is going to give you the positive reinforcement you need to keep going.


Why train alone?

Some people love to train in solitude and others need some co-dependency to provide them motivation.  Rifle through your contacts and find yourself an optimistic new year’s ‘resolutioner’ and convert them into your new gym buddy. If you’re ever struggling to find motivation to push through those final reps, then you can rely on them to get you through it. In addition, if someone’s depending on you to workout then the thought of letting them down will prevent you from ditching them.

Document your progress


Another great way to keep your motivation high, is by cracking out the workout diary. Writing down your lap time, reps or feats of strength is a great way to document your progress. This can become a very valuable habit, as you can then strive to beat the previous record every time you set foot in the gym. Chasing progression will give you another reason to get back in the gym. Check out the dedicated blog post we created for the true benefits of documenting your sessions here


Train from the comfort of your home


Leaving your house in the winter months is challenging on its own. Why leave your house at all when you really don’t need to? Get yourself a home gym set up and get to work on that dream body. All you need is some kettlebells, dumbbells or resistance bands to really get the sweat flowing. Although it may be harder to avoid distractions at home, it’s cheaper, usually warmer and offers you the most flexibility. If cardio is something you’re trying to push more then perhaps one of our foldable home treadmills might meet your needs. Each of our treadmills have on-board workout programs and 20 levels of incline.

For a more in-depth guide, check out our essential home gym equipment guide here.


Keep things fresh


Another great way to keep yourself motivated is to mix up your exercise plan. Add some new exercises to your usual workout regimen or try a new workout program on the cardio equipment of your choice. Performing the same exercises week in week out requires a great deal of motivation, which you’ll need to build up over time.


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