How Listening to Music Can Improve Your Workout

We’ve all struggled pushing ourselves at the gym, that lack of motivation can really take a toll on the quality of our workouts. But the one thing that can always boost a session; music.

Boost Mood & Energy

High vibrational music can majorly improve your mood no matter whether you’re exercising or not.

A strong beat you can follow, keeps your energy up and your motivation high. When you need that extra little push, an upcoming beat drop is there to support your set.

Perfect for those heavy cardio workouts, music is the best energy booster – machine workouts can get repetitive but add a fun playlist into the mix and you’ll be able to go for hours!

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Reduce Distractions

Music also helps eliminate any distractions, keeping your focus purely on you and your workout.

The intense focus ensures concentration on each exercise, pushing out a strong set. Therefore leading to a heavier, more rewarding session.

If you struggle going to the gym because you’re worried others may judge = use your headphones to your advantage, put your music on and block everyone out.

Calm you Down & Relax

Music also does a great job at relieving stress and reducing anxiety – especially when paired with low impact exercises such as Yoga & Pilates, where we might want to use the music to guide both our movement and breathing.

Listening to slow, mood-evoking music will help clear your mind and assist focus to your balance and form, ensuring a productive and effective session.

Get in the Zone

Get your head in the game with an upbeat ‘gym playlist’ and select a song that ‘triggers’ a successful workout.

Opting for a strong rap tune OR an intense house beat would be ideal for a solid start.

Make sure your playlist is made prior to your gym session = don’t waste time picking a song mid-set as this could put you off and reduce power.

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