The Home Treadmill vs Running Outdoors

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Walking is the most popular past time for the U.K public. It is an activity that can be enjoyed on your own, in groups or even as a family. Walking is a great form of exercise as it works your whole body; it is a great way to stay in shape. However with winter looming around the corner everyone the question is whether to invest in a home treadmill or continue to brave the elements and run/ walk outdoors.

Will a Home Treadmill affect the way you work out?

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When using a treadmill there is a slight difference in the way you move your body as you are not pushing your legs forward you are not using your leg muscles in the same way. This can be corrected by using at least a 1% incline on the treadmill. Using an incline to run also has a beneficial impact to your joints as it is a softer impact. Walking on a treadmill will sometimes feel easier on your body than walking outdoors.

The Benefits of choosing a Home Treadmill

Having a treadmill in your home will keep you motivated and more likely to use it than if you plan to walk or run outdoors. You can exercise on your treadmill whilst listening to your favourite music or even whilst watching T.V. You can make sure you are staying hydrated as you do not need to worry about carrying heavy bottles of water with you. You can control the environment you are working out in by changing the temperature in the room or adjusting the lighting. You do not have to worry about trips, slips, falls or avoiding the neighbour’s dog in your path.

Control your own Work out

S400 treadmill monitor controls

Treadmills come with varying programmes so you can keep yourself feeling challenged. You may also benefit from the calorie counter if you are intending to exercise as part of a weight loss program. If you have previously suffered from a heart attack or heart defect then the heart rate control will be beneficial to you. With a home treadmill you are able to set yourself goals and track your progress. If you want to really work your muscles then continue to raise your incline level as the higher the incline the more your muscles work and the more calories you burn.

What do you miss out on not being outdoors?

When you are outside for any period of time you are increasing the amount of Vitamin D your body is getting and this cannot be simulated by indoor exercise. Unless you place your treadmill so that you are looking out of a window whilst exercising you will be missing out on some great local scenery. You may also miss out on a cold or two as been outside during the winter months does come with a few cold and wet risks.

Why not improve your Fitness Levels at Home?

Why not find a treadmill to suit your needs or the needs of your family. A home treadmill is a great investment for the whole family and will help you stay active and fit and this will improve your general health and well being.



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