Home Gym Setup’s During Lockdown


Throughout lockdown, exercising has become a more and more popular way for us to pass the time and learn new things. Inspiring us to get up and make the most of it. For instance, running, outdoor yoga classes & learning new sports or setting up their own home gyms. People have been coming up with all different ways to keep fit and make positive changes.

Since gyms were closed in the early stages of COVID-19 this now meant fitness enthusiasts had to find others ways to keep fit at home. Which resulted in the huge flux of orders of home use fitness equipment. From treadmills, to weights, to yoga equipment, people were building there own home gyms.

Commercial Gym’s have been a sanctuary or worst nightmare for some people. Some worries on both sides of the argument under normal circumstances have been;


Halting Progress


Lack of Choice

Sharing Shower Blocks

Expensive Memberships

Home gym’s are now benefiting vast amounts of people all up and down the country. For example, things like no monthly fee’s, no judging eyes and most importantly at the minute no hygiene risks.
If you’re thinking of setting up your own home gym or have already started, here’s a few idea’s of the kind of environments you can create depending on your targets and tastes.

The Calisthenics Gym

calisthenics gym

So, calisthenics focuses primarily on body weight exercises that improve strength using gymnastic movements. Also, enhancing mobility and skill as well as confidence. Little to no equipment can be used which is also beneficial for your wallet.
Calisthenics is really ideal in an outdoor space however, indoor gyms especially with the British weather tend to be more practical.
Typical equipment to look into for your own creation if this is more your thing would be a mix of hoops, ropes and bars to keep workouts fresh.

Bars – These can range from pull up bars, freestanding and fixed wall frames, dip bars and parallettes. With this kind of choice you’re able to comfortably work with whatever space you have.

Ropes – Battle ropes are a versatile piece of kit for which you can change the anchor point. Whether it’s on the floor or to a secure ceiling point. Workouts can be changed to challenge yourself with exercises both horizontally and vertically.

Hoops – Gym rings and TRX kits are perfect for calisthenics incorporating more of the gymnastics movements.

The HIIT Studio

HIIT gym

High intensity interval training is known to be one of the best ways to torch calories and body fat fast. There are thousands of workouts out there on the web and plenty of PT’s to provide information on the kinds of exercises to do. HIIT’s can incorporate a wide range of equipment, some typical things to consider would be;

Treadmills – Running machines are great for cardio intervals. Especially with treadmills as you can find models with or without incline for added difficulty. Program choices are a large factor making sure to mix things up so your body is always challenged and progressing.
Some JLL Treadmills offer the ability to set your own programs making them tailored specifically for you.

Rowing Machines – Rowing provides a full body workout allowing you to burn calories and tone muscle. Features such as types of resistance and monitor displays come into play when choosing a model to suit you. Most will feature either magnetic or air resistance. Storage also plays a part as some models are able to be stored upright or even folded.

Kettlebells – Kettlebells are so versatile and used in thousands of exercises. Weights of every size are available to suit beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts. Colours and designs are also a great choice to fit into your own style of home gym.

The CrossFit Garage

crossfit gym

Leg day, chest day, back day can get boring for some when repeated each week. CrossFit has been scientifically proven to give results. CrossFitters were found to carry less fat, more muscle and increased VO2 max, meaning they could train at max intensity for much longer. If you need further convincing it’s what got Chris Hemsworth in shape for the role of Thor.
Some equipment to look at for your home gym would be Air Bikes, Steppers, Medicine Balls, Slam Balls and even some protective flooring for your workout area.

The Strongman’s Playground

strongman gym

If lifting weights is more your thing, this home gym will be right up your street. For a lot of gym goers weights machines also play a big part. Obviously not everyone has this amount of free space in their home but there are alternatives. Weight benches and freestanding squat racks are ideal for space saving. Most racks will come with multiple functions so you won’t be using it for purely one exercise. Storage is also a big thing to look at if you’re considering a full set of weights or continuing adding to what you already have. Weight racks can house dumbbells, weight plates and kettlebells. Some equipment for new starters would be;
Weight Plates

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  1. Dan says:

    I’m really digging your CrossFit garage setup with the airdyne bike. That’s a surefire way to burn some much-needed calories before summer rolls around this year! Thanks for sharing the photos.

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  2. July 9, 2021

    […] you’re someone who doesn’t feel comfortable sweating it out in front of others, a home gym set up in a garage, spare room, or even outdoors (depending on the climate) may be exactly what you need. […]

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