Holiday Fitness

Holiday Fitness

We often try and keep ourselves fit to aim for a goal, weddings, birthdays and most often a Holiday. Holidays, however, can also spell disaster for those waistlines and plunge all your good work down the drain. The hardest part can be finding that balance between enjoying yourself and keeping to your health regime. We aim to help you decipher what your ideal plan will be when you’re on those summer vacations.


Benefits of working out on holiday

Let’s face it the last thing you want to do on holiday is get up earlier than necessary and head to the gym, pool or for a run. A cocktail and sun lounger at midday sounds far more appealing. But there are plenty of benefits to trying to maintain your lifestyle while away.

Exercising has proven to decrease stress, promote better sleep and increase energy levels throughout the day. These all can be useful while on holiday.

With children, holidays can be a stressful time trying to manage where they are in the pool with 1000 other small bobbing heads is enough to give anyone a headache. Our advice is to jump in with them. Doing a few laps of the pool, as well as being a bit closer to your kids, is a great way to get your heart rate up and reduce that stress. Even if you don’t have children a few laps can help reduce the stress you came with so your floating on cloud nine.

When your away sleeping can sometimes be a bit problematic. From a different bed to temperature, the reasons are endless. Give yourself a headstart on the sleep train and do a run in the evening or morning. Often the weather is cooler so more comfortable to run in that time, and you will sleep like a baby.

Equally, exercise will help keep you energised during the day. when we exercise it increases the blood flow around the body. This moves oxygen around the body giving your body more energy over the day.


Devices to help

You don’t always realise the amount of exercise you are partaking in while away, be that walking around sightseeing or swimming lengths. One of the best ways to track is with a fitness watch. They are easy to use with minimal charging required, you forget its there and let it track what you have been up to. For me its the best way to get a gauge on my general activity levels.


Apple Watch Series 3:

The reason we chose this watch in the series is the availability of different types, with or without LTE (LTE is the use of 4G on your watch). Personally, I don’t think the LTE is worth it as if your phone is near enough (which more than likely it is) you get all the benefits. The biggest benefit in the Bluetooth only device is the battery life, compared to the one with LTE. It automatically tracks your exercise and will register if it thinks your working out and suggests starting the workout app (with often the right exercise that you’re doing). It has a wide range of apps available which makes a daily living as well as exercise a breeze.




Fitbit watch

Fitbit Watch


Fitbit Versa:

Another comparable device is the Fitbit Versa smartwatch. Fitbit has really branded themselves as a fitness device and their latest model the Versa is no exception. It has a lot of the same features of the Apple Watch, for example, you can reply to messages, track workouts and track your sleep. Overall the Fitbit Versa is a great device and works similarly to the Apple Watch in terms of apps and usability but with a cheaper price tag.





samsung watch

Samsung Watch


Samsung Galaxy Watch:

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a favourite for a lot of people when it comes to sports fitness watches and we can see why. Its design replicates a more traditional watch with the sleek turn dial for ease of use. The battery life is brilliant, up to 7 days! Its apps are limited in comparison to the IOS operating system but still a large array of ones to choose from to suit your needs. It has a workout tracker, sleep tracker and a lot of apps available as with a phone, its another good choice.




Not working out while away

Sometimes our body needs a break from exercising and a holiday can be the perfect time to do that. Your body needs constant variables to change and adapt. Sometimes a break in exercise could be the boost it needed.

Taking a break from it can also make you fall back in love with it. We can get into a rut with exercise, it becomes more of a chore than an enjoyment. Giving yourself a break can make you miss, and fall in love with exercise all over again. You will come back raring to go and hitting the gym harder than before!

Ultimately whatever you choose to do on holiday is up to you and your body. The best person to know your body and what it needs is you. If you need to keep up with your routine then that’s fine, equally giving yourself a break is fine too! Just have fun.


No Gym workout 

If you want to work out, but don’t have the equipment, don’t worry! Follow the link for a full guide to working out without a gym.

No gym workout 


You’ve got this!

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