Hip and Legs exercises to fight Sciatica, Arthritis and Rheumatism

Hip and Legs exercises

With winter just around the corner we have seen a drastic change in the weather the days are getting darker, the temperature has dropped and it seems to be raining constantly. Some of these changes can affect hip and leg conditions such as Sciatica, Arthritis and Rheumatism. The link between the weather conditions and increased pain in the hips and leg has been always been a highly discussed topic.

Although there is still no firm medical evidence to back this claim it is reported that low pressure is generally associated with cold, wet weather and an increase in pain and clear, dry conditions signal high pressure and a decrease in pain. Often small amounts of regular exercise to improve muscle strength can help to elevate some of the pain. Exercise doesn’t have to be carried out at the Gym or outdoors it’s something that you can do at home at a time to suit you.

Strengthening your Hips

Weak hips can often be the cause of Sciatica and a variety of other common ailments. Balance  exercises are an important component of hip rehabilitation and strengthening.

Placing your hand on the back of a chair this will help support your balance. Extend one leg backwards keeping your knee straight. Repeat this 10 times and then swap legs. Try not to arch your back as you may add additional strain to your lower back.
Now try extending your leg to the side rather than backwards, keeping your knee straight. Again repeat this 10 times then swap legs.

Strengthening your side hip muscles can help with arthritis and maintain lower body endurance this will improve your walk and side step.

You can now use your chair to sit on; slowly raise yourself off the chair until you are in a standing position then lower yourself back down into the chair. Repeat this 10 times.

This is a great exercise that will help strengthen both your leg and hip muscles. Remember to move at your own pace and to take a break in between if needed. Regular daily exercise can not only help improve your fitness levels but it can also help with confidence and independence.

Improving your Leg and knee muscles

It is really important to keep yourself active as this will help strengthen your muscles and bones and help prevent falls and unnecessary pains.

Stand with your hand on the back of a chair and slowly lift one foot off the floor until your knee is bent. You do not need to lift your foot high off the floor the importance of this exercise is that you bend your knee. Once your knee is bent slowly take your foot back to the floor. Repeat this 10 times and then swap legs.

Place both hands on the back of the chair and slowly lower your body with your knees bent. Again you must feel comfortable and confident doing this exercise so do not push yourself so that you are too low. Even lowering yourself a few inches can help to increase the muscle strength in your knees and legs. Repeat this 10 times.

If at any point you do not feel comfortable and your breathing feels uneasy then please stop and take a break. You control your work out and pace. These exercises are great for just a 5 minute workout or if you want to push yourself why not try 30 minutes. To help reduce the pain felt by arthritis, sciatica and rheumatism the exercise needs to be regular. Adding daily exercise to your routine is a great way for your mind to stay fit too.  Remember to start slowly and gradually increase the intensity once you feel more confident.

Regular exercise not only improves your general fitness levels and wellbeing but it can also improve your confidence and give you independence..



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