Head for the Hills and Improve your Fitness Levels

hill walking for fitness

According to a recent survey 9.1 Million Adults in England enjoy walking as a recreational activity and walk up to 30 minutes four times a week. This is almost twice the number that swim and twice the number that go to the gym. So why is walking so appealing? Well walking is an activity that can be enjoyed either on your own or in groups,  walking allows you to take advantage of some of the great scenery’s the British countryside has to offer and you can control the pace and length of time you are walking for.

You can take a stroll in the park, a powerwalk through your town or even a hike up the hills to feel the advantages that walking has to offer. For those that enjoy walking rambling and hiking is a great way to improve and maintain your fitness levels.

Head for the Hills

Hiking is great for the body, mind and soul. Hiking for just one hour can help you burn around 500 calories depending on the incline of your hike and the weight you are carrying. Hiking is a powerful cardio workout and as such it will help to reduce the risk of heart disease and improve your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Since walking is a weight bearing exercise it will also help to boost your bone density reducing your risk of Osteoporosis.

Hiking can also improve your balance and strengthen your core whilst improving your mood as walking has a positive impact on combating the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Start Slow

Start slow and get yourself comfortable walking on a slight incline before you try and tackle anything too steep. Why not do some research on local hikes in your area and gradually work up to something more challenging.

Increase your Fitness by Increasing the Weights

Try walking with added weights in your back pack to keep yourself challenged; the weight in your backpack could be bottles of water that way you can keep yourself hydrated whilst you are hiking. Alternatively make a day of it and plan a picnic the weight in your backpack will help you burn more calories and work the muscles of your Glutes, Quadriceps, hamstrings, hips and lower legs.

All Weather Hikers

Some Hikers will Hike no matter what the weather however the British weather can be quite unpredictable and hiking in poor weather conditions can be dangerous. There is always the option of an incline Treadmill to help you maintain your fitness levels whilst in the comfort and warmth of your own home. Most Home Treadmills will come with an incline option and although you are not outdoors hiking, walking on a Treadmill at an incline will improve your fitness levels, reduce your risk of heart disease and burn calories.

Home Treadmill

Home Treadmills come in a variety of sizes, with varying programs and incline options as well as the ability to fold up and be moved easily. If you enjoy hiking and you want a machine that can keep you engaged during the winter months then you want something with an automatic incline and the option of different levels of incline. You can still use a treadmill and have your backpack weighted and on you preparing you for the spring and the outdoor hikes in the nice weather.

Best Practices for using a Home Treadmill to prepare for Hikes

If you are a hiker and you use a Home Treadmill to keep yourself fit in the winter months then try using the treadmill without holding on. When you hold onto the handrails you alleviate some of the weight put onto your legs and therefore you will be weakening the strength in your legs by doing so. Swinging your arms whilst walking on an incline will help prepare your body for a rigorous and invigorating trek once the weather improves.

A small investment to prolonging your life

Whether it is money or time you are investing in improving your physical fitness and general wellbeing you will be adding more years to your life. Start off by walking to the TV Remote to change channels to walking to your local shop. Try a little further and visit your local park then why not try a day out walking through the hills. Building your confidence levels does take time and once your endurance levels have increased you will feel a difference in yourself. Once you have a natural enthusiasm for walking why not consider getting a Home Treadmill so there is no excuse not to get up and walk about.

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