Halloween 2020 Competition – Win your own In Home Gym Weight Bundle 💪

Win this home-gym weight bundle!

black and red themed set for a home gym

Win this home-gym weight bundle! All you need to do is find the space for it. Follow the guide below for how you can enter with a chance to win.


Win this home-gym weight bundle that is worth over £700!

Equipment Benefits:

Weight Bench

A weight bench is such a versatile piece of kit for any home gym, easy to store and clean and also perfect for both dumbbell and barbell exercises. It can be set to multiple positions from flat to a 60-degree angle incline. It has a strong, durable frame and upholstery and also in-built wheels and a handle for easy transportation. The foam filled leather reduces the impact of heavy workouts on your joints.

Weight Vest

The JLL Weight Vest is great for creating additional resistance during muscle building, body-weight exercises, and heart-pumping cardio activities – making you expend more energy to achieve your fitness goals.

With their high versatility, weight vests allow for a broad range of exercises, such as walking, jogging, rope-jumping, bike riding, core strengthening, weight training and cross fit.

PU Dumbbells 

The rubber coating ensures extreme durability and provides protection to your floor whilst reducing noise level. These durable and stylishly crafted PU Dumbbells are expertly designed to provide exceptional performance with an ergonomic grip.

Perfect for weight loss, fitness and muscle building you can build your ideal physique at home, boosting your confidence, mood and your health. Dumbbells require more balance than training with barbells or machines and balance is crucial for optimal performance. 

Treadmill Mat

Our protective flooring mat will help you to avoid any unnecessary scratches on the floor or carpet. Noise reduction, anti-slip and 4mm cushioning help with a wide variety of workouts. 

Looped Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are an extremely versatile tool, helping to improve muscle strength and tone whilst also protecting your joints from injury. Target specific area’s of your body without having a huge range of weights within your house. Resistance training can help with weight management by increasing your muscle-to-fat ratio meaning when using the right workouts, as you gain muscle your body will continue to burn calories even when resting.

Massage Stick

Compact; portable; yet strong in design with a steel central rod. To be used either before, during or after a workout to both warm up or relieve muscles. Increase circulation to every muscle in your body, providing myofascial release. Effective pain relief for tired muscles aiding your recovery process. Suitable for all sports, fitness, yoga or Pilates enthusiasts of all levels.

XL Stepper

Aerobic stepper is a great way to perform cardio exercises and can also help improve blood circulation, allowing muscles to receive more oxygen. If you are just starting out, you can use the stepper as a low impact exercise tool. More advanced users can add weights and resistance to their routine to increase the intensity.

Water Bottle

The JLL BPA free water bottles are an easy and convenient way of tracking your daily fluid intake. A strong design to handle every active lifestyle. Fill them with any cold liquids from protein shakes to amino drinks to just good old water. 

How To Enter:

On each of our social media channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we will be posting our competition. To enter simply like the post and tag two friends in the comments. You can do this once per social media channel meaning you can enter up to three times.

Terms and Conditions

The competition opens on Thurs 29th October 00:00am to Sunday 01st November 11:59pm.
Entries after this time frame will not be counted.
1 winner will be selected at random and announced on Mon 2nd November.
JLL Fitness Ltd reserves the right to withdraw the competition at any time.
UK entries only.
Entrants must be 18+.
All items are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

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