Getting back into fitness after an injury

Setbacks to your physical health can be incredibly unsettling and can take a pretty negative toll on your life. It’s important you give your body the rest it needs but it is equally important that you are proactive in rehabilitating your joints. Post-Injury.

Remember that this injury is just a temporary set back. You need to put the work in so that when you are fully fit, you can get back on track with your fitness. It is important to note that this is not medical advice from a physician. We have done our best in this article to outline some safe tips to help you on your way.


A little bit goes a long way after an injury


If you’ve been off the horse for some time and can’t remember the last time you picked up a dumbbell, then this is a crucial tip for you. Your motivation to workout or perform any form of exercise is likely incredibly low. This is pretty natural because you have grown accustomed to a life void of any strenuous activity throughout your injury period.

The best way to combat this and get back into fitness after an injury, is to ease back into it. You can’t squat or press the same weight or finish a mile in under 6 minutes right now. That is a given. However, if you slowly ease back into your routine you’ll have a much better chance of recovering these feats, than if you try to go full throttle on day 1.


Stretch like nobody’s watching 

I wish somebody had educated me about this when I first started lifting because this advice is gold dust. You need to incorporate a warm up period to really stretch out your muscles and prep them for a resistance session.

The same goes for running, cycling and any form of exercise you can think of really. Not only does this help prevent you from picking up unwanted injuries but your body will be much looser too. This can even improve your range of motion for some of your lifts.

Our foam massage roller is a great piece of kit to give you a mini deep tissue massage before and after your lifting sessions to assist with this. If you’re about to start lifting again, make sure you perform a small stretching session to prime your body ready for heavy loads. We have a great selection of stretching routines that can be found HERE.


Drop the weight


This is of course applicable for the gym goers. Ditch the 5 x 5 and opt for sets of 12 repetitions. Drop the weight considerably and control the weight up and down and re-introduce yourself to the proper exercise form.

Resistance bands are a great way to isolate your muscles. They provide a pretty aggressive workout by keeping constant tension on your muscles throughout the entire movement. We offer 3 different types of resistance bands on our website, all of which are designed for different functions. You can check them out HERE


Workout from home

Strong and Beautiful Athletic Fitness Girl in Sportswear is Doing Cardio Exercises in Her Sunny and Spacious Living Room with Minimalistic Interior.

We’re approaching the bleakest and coldest time of the year. The weather is already on the turn and with the current energy crisis, we’re about to face some pretty cold spells. So, why would you want to unwrap yourself from your duvet, get into your cold car and drive to the gym? So what’s the solution here? Do it from home!

There’s enough high quality equipment on the market that you can swap out your gym membership for. It also eliminates the additional motivation needed to set foot outside your house on a winter’s evening.


Luckily for you, our brand is centred around providing the best home fitness equipment that money can buy. Our exercise bikes are our best selling cardio equipment, you can’t go wrong with the IC300 PRO. Or if you want to get some cardio in whilst also strengthening your upper back, then a rowing machine might be right up your alley.

As far as weights go, we have an extensive range of dumbbells and kettlebells that are perfect for upper body and lower body circuits. If you want some inspiration for exercise routines then check out our socials for some workout videos.

So there you have it. Keep those 4 tips in mind for your return to the gym after your injury. Don’t get disheartened by the amount of strength or flexibility you may have lost. This can all be regained over time.

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