Gentle and Relaxing Exercise for the Over 50’s

Yoga is a gentle and relaxing form of exercise that is suitable for all ages. It can help to release stiffness and tension throughout the whole body and is therefore ideal for the over 50’s. Yoga is a great way to rejuvenate your body and revitalise your mind.

The Benefits of Yoga for the over 50’s

Yoga is a calming form of fitness and by learning useful breathing techniques you can overcome stress and depression and increase your energy levels. Not only will it make you more flexible over time but it can also help ease the pain and discomfort of arthritis, back pain, neck problems and sciatica. Yoga can also help you to prevent or reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma.

Why can Yoga Help?

Yoga can help to reduce the risk and alleviate the pain associated with circulatory disorders, arthritis and digestive complaints because these issues arise due to a lack of exercise, poor eating habits and shallow breathing. Yoga teaches you to control your breathing and pushes you to take deep breaths when normally you wouldn’t. You are also introducing light exercise into your weekly routine and even the smallest amount of exercise can have a dramatic effect to your health.

Learn the Basics

Start off slow you may not be able to bend easily at the moment so it is unrealistic to think that after one class you will be able to get your legs over your head. The more you practice the more flexible you will get over time. It may be that you struggle to put your socks on in the morning or tie your shoelaces however with regular lessons and practice little tasks like these will begin to feel easy.

Practice makes perfect

You don’t have to join a class to enjoy the benefits of Yoga. There are some great work out DVD’s on the market at the moment so you view them within the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. Alternatively if you don’t want to wait a week until your next why not practice a few moves at home.

What equipment do you need?

women fitness exercise ball
It is recommended that you have your own Yoga Mat as this will offer a stable non slip surface for you to work from as well as act as a cushion between yourself and the floor. You may also want to try using a Yoga Belt to help you reach certain poses and position especially if you feel you are quite stiff and not very flexible at the moment. The more you do Yoga the more your confidence will grow and you will start to use different pieces of equipment to help you. A Yoga/ Fitness Ball is great for working on your balance and core strength, just using a Ball to sit on instead of a chair will have a beneficial impact on your fitness level.
If you are looking to improve your fitness levels but want something that is gentle and relaxing then Yoga is designed for you.

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