Five Habits to Adapt from the Elite Athletes

When you think of the best athletes in the world, they are different in so many ways. It takes a lot more than passion to beat everyone else in the world. So, what are those elite habits which make these athletes who they are?

Let’s have a look and see what we can learn from them.     Atheletes


A world-class athlete like Usain Bolt cannot just break world records with talent alone. They need to work on themselves to reach that level. Competitiveness comes with discipline and the willingness to overcome the distractions of life. It means following your routine no matter what happens.

Have you seen the video of the Tennis superstar Roger Federer training in the hot sun of Dubai? Well, if you haven’t, you need to check it out. See the discipline with which he follows even the minutest of details in his routines. He keeps doing the things he has been doing from the start regardless of the level he has achieved.

Rest is Also Important

Rest is an essential part of the routine followed by an elite athlete. You need to give your body rest and make sure never to cross that breaking point.

How can you know what your breaking point is?

When you start exercising, you come to know about your stamina and your fitness level. If you are not sure, you can ask your fitness trainer the rest time that your body needs. When you take the rest your body needs, you rejuvenate and come back stronger than ever. So, the next time you think about rest, think of it as a way to regain your energies and focus on performing better.Atheletes

Value of Nutrition

Researchers have shown that nutrition has a massive impact on performance besides enhancing well-being. However, we must be careful about making a diet plan. We must carefully relate our fitness goals with the kind of food and supplements we are taking.

When we eat food that is high in carbohydrates with low-fat content, it does help improve our performance during exercise. However, this kind of diet may not work equally well for all types of workouts. Therefore, instead of generalizing the nutrition, we must know the sort of food we are eating and how it will impact our performance.

Sleep Well

Rest alone will not suffice. Your mind and body both need to come to rest. Therefore, it is essential to understand how quality sleep adds to our wellbeing. Thus, you must learn to go to sleep early. Lack of sleep or insomnia can lead to disturbing your metabolism.

Lack of quality sleep results in decreasing insulin sensitivity. Similarly, the lack of proper sleep results in an increased craving for carbohydrates and sugar. When we are not able to get enough sleep, we turn to other sleep aids like medication with side effects.

Visualisation of Goals

Fitness goals help us get into shape and become our best. Olympic athletes do not just undergo physical training. They also exercise their brains and picture themselves reaching the end goal. Some call this “seeing themselves reaching the finishing line” visualisation.

Therefore, we also need to practice the power of visualisation. We can even imagine the goals that we want to accomplish. Although visualisation alone will not be sufficient for us to get to our fitness goals, we would have to work to achieve them. But, visualisation will surely give you the confidence to keep moving forward and accomplishing your goals.

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John Elijah

John Elijah is a fitness enthusiast. He has special interest in self-care for fitness, value of nutrition in improving stamina, and physiological changes during exercise that shape our bodies to help us better complete in athletics.  

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