Exercise Bike Safety & Maintenance Instruction

exercise bike maintenace-instruction-manual

  • Once fully assembled, please check that all hardware parts such as bolts, nuts and washers are positioned and secured firmly.
  • Please check regularly that the safety chain guard that protects the moving parts of the machine is secured and in good order.
  • Please always check the seat post, seat slider; pedals and handlebar are secured firmly  before getting on the bike.
  • To lubricate all moving parts annually is recommended.
  • Do not wear loose clothing to avoid entangling in any moving parts.
  • Do not remove feet from the pedals while they are in motion.
  •  Always wear shoes when using the machine.
  • Dry the exercise bike after each use to remove sweat and moisture. Wipe the machine with a damp cloth, water and mild soap. Do not use a petroleum-based solvent to clean the
    machine in order not to damage the finish.
  • Please keep children away from the bike while it is in use. Do not allow children to use  the exercise bike. This bike is designed for adults, not children.
  •  Do not dismount the bike until the pedals have stopped completely.
  • 11. Stop exercise immediately in case of nausea, shortness of breath, faint, headache, pain, tightness in your chest or any discomfort.
  • Do not place fingers or any other objects into the moving parts of the bike.
  • Prior to any exercise, consult with your physician first to establish the exercise  frequency, time and intensity appropriate for your particular age and condition.
  • After exercising, please pull down the tension controller to increase resistance so that  the pedals will not rotate freely and possibly hurt someone
  • The maximum user’s weight is 100kg
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