Everything You Need To Know About HIIT Workouts

It’s the craze that’s been sweeping the world in 2016 and looks stronger than ever in 2017. This trendy workout has been endorsed by Hugh Jackman, David Beckham and Rita Ora. You’ve probably heard the term HIIT in every fitness magazine, website, blog, tweet and the two middle aged women power walking on the treadmill next to you at your local gym. But what exactly is a HIIT workout?


HIIT very simply is the acronym for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The basic idea is that HIIT is a form of interval training which consists of alternate short periods of anaerobic exercise combined with less-intense recovery periods. The quick and visible results of this training method has resulted in the HIIT boom that’s become every fitness enthusiasts best friend since the invention of powdered whey.

The benefits of these workouts are greatly advantageous. Compared to a standard workout, HIIT provides improved fat burning, increased metabolism and they’re quick and convenient. They’re ideal for anybody looking to shred fat, improve their conditioning or are simply looking for a good old fashioned sweat session.

There’s no need for expensive gym membership fees with HIIT workouts, as it can be done anywhere. You can add weights and your own body weight to get the heart racing. The low cost of a HIIT workout means that it’ll reduce your waistline, and not your bank balance.

This trend certainly seems like it’s come out of the blue but it’s actually been around longer than we think. A brief history of High-Intensity Interval Training shows us that it was a training technique that was incorporated by 20th century runners and their coaches. Basic forms of HIIT can be dated back to 1910 when Finnish runner Paavo Nurmi and his coach would put together interval training system. This was something that was jumped on by fellow competitors as Finnish gold medallist Hannes Kolhmainen prepared for his Olympic performances with interval training. Various studies and research has been carried out extensively since, most notably by Peter Coe in the 1970’s and Izumi Tabata in 1996.

So moving forward roughly 100 years and how has HIIT advanced to modern day times? Trainers, coaches and various fitness gurus have come up with methods that incorporates interval training with treadmills (such as the JLL S400), exercise or spinning bikes, weights, cross trainers, kettlebells, dining room chairs and the kitchen sink. In fact, anything that’s not tied down has had a HIIT workout based around it. The creativity of fitness fanatics in 2016 is nothing short of remarkable as this highly effective type of training is accessible to all ages and sizes of people wanting to get into better shape.

The Workout

Here’s a simple cycling HIIT exercise that can be done on a home exercise bike. I gave this a go on the JLL IC300 Indoor Cycling Bike:


  • To start, be sure to warm up on the bike for 2-5 minutes:
  • Start at a very low resistance and increase as you warm up to a beginning resistance level.
  • Find a low intensity resistance (easy to do) and a high intensity resistance (very difficult) -These will be your reference points for the workout.
  • Then begin the HIIT Workout:
  • For 45-60 seconds, set your bike to your high intensity resistance level and pedal as hard and as fast as you can.
  • For 45-60 seconds, set your bike to your low intensity resistance level and catch your breath and recover.
  • Repeat this process for a total of 20 intervals.

This high intensity workout was pretty brutal in the moment but is phenomenal for the body. The after burn the body experiences means that I was still burning calories well after your workout which is a huge contribution why the HIIT workouts are so popular.


The JLL IC300 Indoor Exercise Bike is great for HIIT workouts

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