Have you ever tried boot camp exercises?

boot camp aerobics exercises

I have been hearing about boot camp or Meta fit exercises since the beginning of this year and I was not sure if try it or not… Yesterday, after work I decided that it was my chance to join one of these classes in my gym.
Well, for those who have not heard about it, boot camp mixes traditional aerobic and body weight exercises with interval and strength training that pushes you harder than we would push ourselves and resemble a military boot camp. It sounds good, isn’t it?

The class lasted 30 minutes, but it looked like it lasted forever! OMG… It was a class to be ready for being one of the Spartans from “300”, without the “uhu uhu uhu” (onomatopoeia of the battle-cry) though 😛 Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the work out. You can call me masochist, but I felt really good after exercising. In those 30 minutes you work every group muscle and you burn calories quicker. In that time you would burn the same amount of calories than in an hour of training!

There are plenty of variety of styles of fitness boot camps that include run sprints, lots of push ups and interval training with little rest between exercises. With no doubt, boot camps are a new way to get an efficient and challenging workout. You can either join a gym that offers this classes or try some of the exercises I am about to describe at home. On your marks, set, go!

A basic boot camp class should include a warm up at the beginning, and cool down and stretching at the end. In between, there would be 20-25 minutes workout that may include jump training, push ups, interval training, squats and lunges, speed training… In this kind of classes does not matter how many reps you do, the important is keep doing the different exercises during 30 to 60 seconds with no stop. The workout is divided in 3 series and you are just allowed to rest for a minute before the next series.

Anyway, here you have some of the exercises I did yesterday, just in case you want to try them 😀

Traditional push ups.
Push ups with lifting hands: start in plank position than exercise above, but with your legs slightly open to provide balance. Lift hand to hip without slanting hips. Lower hand to floor and repeat with the other hand.

Push ups with legs jump: start in plank position, legs extended. Bring knees toward chest keeping hands on the floor. Put your legs back to starting position and repeat.
Run in place bringing first one knee, than the other up towards.
Jumping jacks
Leg lunges.
Jumping jacks combined with squats. Jump, squat and jump again.

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