Discipline Over Motivation

When it comes to maintaining your workout routine, we can’t rely solely on motivation. Our only route to consistency is discipline.

Motivation is great for getting us on the right track, giving us that boost to start our journey and a reason to keep going BUT motivation doesn’t always hit. This is why we need self-discipline.

Motivation is a feeling; Discipline is a skill.

How to Stay Disciplined =

  • Write It Down = writing down goals takes them from a thought to a potential reality. Also gives you something specific to strive for instead of leaving thoughts floating in your head (it’s easier to head in the right direction if you know where you’re going). We recommend writing these goals down on a post-it and displaying somewhere you’ll notice daily.
  • Find a Partner = sharing the same goal with a partner can be great for staying disciplined. When one isn’t feeling motivated, the other might be – pushing each other is an ideal way to stay on track.
  • Start Small = don’t rush into it. Discipline is a difficult thing to combat, it doesn’t just happen overnight. So set yourself small, achievable goals to start and gradually challenge yourself. Observe your quick moving progress.
  • Identify + Remove Obstacles = Many obstacles get in the way of us reaching our goals. Distractions, disruptions, and life in general can make it extremely difficult to stay consistent. Therefore, the best way to keep your head in the game is to simply remove some of these distractions. Small changes like turning your phone off at night or saying no to unhealthy snacks can remove some of these potential blocks.

The Benefits of Self Discipline =

  • Helps Achieve Goals = reaching goals becomes more achievable with self-discipline. You’re more consistent, therefore hitting targets daily and taking one step closer to the purpose.
  • Improves Mental Health = exercise is known for easing symptoms of anxiety and depression. The release of endorphins can do wonders for our mental state, so there’s no surprise that staying consistent and choosing to move your body daily, will result in improved mental wellbeing.
  • Makes you More Resilient = Self-discipline helps individuals overcome challenges and setbacks. It provides the mental strength to persevere in the face of difficulties, maintaining focus on the ultimate objective. This resilience is essential for achieving high levels of performance.
  • Increases Happiness + Confidence = constantly hitting targets and achieving set goals, releases serotonin into the body and alerts the mind that it’s doing well, boosting self-esteem when practiced continuously. These continual hits of serotonin also lead to an overall increased happiness and better quality of life.
  • Enhanced Performance = Self-discipline will improve every aspect of your life, whether that’s work, relationships, personal development etc.

In essence, while motivation can provide the initial spark, discipline is what sustains and guides behaviour over the long term. The most successful individuals often combine both motivation and discipline, using motivation to start and discipline to carry them through to the finish line.

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