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So firstly the word ‘diet’ in the title is meant in the literal sense of the word, as in the foods you eat. Not as in how we use it today where we mean we are omitting certain foods or restricting ourselves i.e “I’m on a diet.”

The reason I say this is because you may detox to lose weight, but it is also great for general health. So you may not even want to lose weight, but you should still detox every now and then just for the extensive health benefits detoxing provides.

What is Detoxing?

I may be stating the obvious here, but it’s not just all about clean eating. It’s actually about extraditing bad toxins from your body. No matter how slim, how fit, how healthy you are, everyone has toxins in their body. These just build up as result of day to day life they can be consumed, inhaled, absorbed and even be produced by the body by your organs simply working. These toxins store up in the body and if not neutralized can cause a heap of implications. The first and most common consequence being they store as fat cells as well as harm body tissue and even can cause illness.

So detoxing will help your body and your organs to work better.

Detoxing and Losing Weight


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As explained above toxins store up as fat and over a period of time can actually manifest, turning into cellulite. Cellulite being hard (and in some cases impossible) for your body to break down. Following a detox diet or detox plan will break down a large percentage of the toxins that otherwise would store in the body as fat or cellulite.

Meaning detoxing will not only allow you to loose weight for the week that you do the plan, but it will help you to lose weight for several weeks afterwards.

Below is a week long detox plan. To get the best results you need to follow it to a ‘T’. It may be hard, but you have to think it’s just a week. So whether your doing it for weight loss or general health, from that week your results are going to be endless.

Detox Diet Rules

1.No meat. That’s right for 1 whole week no meat. Don’t worry their are other foods you can eat as a source of protein. Nuts, eggs, seeds, fish.

2.Eat fresh fish 3 times in that week. Don’t exceed this as we want this to be a predominantly fruit and vegetable plan.

3.No oil, cheese, cream. The only dairy you should eat is skimmed milk and fat free yogurt.

4.Drink at least 1 litre of water per day.

5.Exercise a minimum of 3 times that week.

6.Now the hardest…The only carbs you can eat are potatoes! No rice, pasta or bread. You can get your fibre allowance from foods like baked beans.

7.East as much fruit and vegetables as you like-aim for at least 5 a day.

The aim is that everything you eat is from a raw ingredient and not processed.

Breakfast ideas

Breakfast ideas

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