What is DAREBEE? How can it benefit you?


Neila Rey

What is DAREBEE?
DAREBEE is a non-profit free, ad-free and product placement free global fitness resource. Formally neilarey.com from 2012-14 Darebee.com is now the latest site that is supported purely by user donations and was created by Neila Rey. The reason why DAREBEE is not funded by larger companies is that they believe in “accessibility for everyone”, so regardless of where people are from or your circumstances you can gain access to the information you need. Plus, they do not include adverts for the reason that they want to stay loyal to their audience and focus on their needs alone. The people behind DAREBEE and the information that goes into the whole thing is from a group of volunteers who are each fitness enthusiasts with an average of twenty plus years’ experience in their chosen field from bodyweight and circuit training to competitive martial arts. Every workout is unique and created by the DAREBEE team, they also try out each of these workouts with a group of volunteers close to one hundred strong and brainstorm any ideas they may have on performance and technique. There are no hidden links or sign-ups all the information is completely free to access however, just because it is provided freely does not mean that the quality is low.

Who is Neila Rey?
Neila Rey is the author of 100 no-equipment workouts and the creator of visual, easy-to-follow workout routines through her website Darebee.com. Neila has 10+ years of experience in various forms of fitness such as running, bodyweight training, martial arts and boxing. “30 Days of Change” was a free fitness program that became a viral success. She has multiple social media pages on Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Neila Describes herself as “Fitness enthusiast, dragon tamer, spoon and air bender.” “I aim to misbehave.” She initially studied journalism and is now responsible for running, maintaining and supporting a global fitness success. According to Neila, DAREBEE was an accidental creation that started by her sharing one of her routines via Google+ and to her surprise, it went viral. She says “I never realized someone could enjoy or need my routines before that and since people kept asking me for more, I set up a website where I can keep it all, have permanent links and update the posters whenever I needed to.” Neila wanted to show a side of fitness that she fell in love with, to show it’s not all tighter butt and bigger biceps and that’s why most of the inspiration for her routines come from movie characters and quirky titles. She does remind people that these workouts are tributes and wouldn’t follow a character’s total fitness regime, instead she adds fun twists with moves that you may see in the character’s adventure. It hasn’t always been the healthy fitness lifestyle for Neila, like most people she has her own success story from being the kid on the sofa sheltered in books and games to becoming her own hero and never giving herself the option of quitting and going back to the sofa.


What DAREBEE Offers

DAREBEE has now expanded and grown providing fitness enthusiasts with more information than ever. All this information is categorised into nine headings:

Darebee Tarzan Workout


Workouts – This page contains all the images of the workout routines, graphics and quirky titles included. Also, down the right-hand side, you’ll find a variety of filters that you can use to narrow down your search if you wish to work on a particular area. These filters help you find workouts on, cardio, interval training, yoga, areas of focus e.g. full body or abs. Also, equipment e.g. dumbbells and weapons, difficulty e.g. light to advanced, and finally illustrations e.g. boys, girls or with videos included.




Programs – This page contains all the different programs that DAREBEE offers, they are packages of workouts where some even have an almost gaming style walk through making you feel like you’re progressing from level to level. You’ll have the option of downloading the workouts as pdf files or viewing them online, you’ll also have meal plans suggested for you to try and give you the best end result.


Darebee Water Challenge


Challenges – This is pretty much what it says on the tin, a list of images that have a calendar style look taking you through between fifteen and thirty days of workout and nutrition challenges. These come in various focus areas from cardio to flexibility to character style workouts.





Running – This page is specifically aimed at running enthusiasts or those who are looking to take up running for better fitness. Not only do you get workout routines to follow but it also gives you handy hints for everything you may experience along the way. DAREBEE’s volunteer team provides you with information on ‘How to become a runner’, ‘running substitutes’, ‘Differences between running, jogging and walking’, ‘Building muscle’, ‘Running form’, ‘Treadmill vs outdoor’ and ‘Weather’.


Fitness – This page is basically for all those queries you may have whilst you’re training or beforehand. It is packed with more tips, tricks and facts that will all help with your fitness goals. Some of the posts you can read are about your body and some on your mind. From guides to drills to weight, muscles, measurements, recovery, sleep, training with diabetes and even music choice.

Darebee Ab Diet


Nutrition – As soon as food is mentioned with fitness there can be a stereotypical view of ‘I can’t eat this’ or ‘I can only eat vegetables’ or ‘I have to starve myself’, on this page that isn’t the case. Again, DAREBEE offers you a massive selection of facts so you can choose what is best for you. There’s no list of things you can and can’t eat, it’s suggestions on what could improve your fitness as you work out to reach your targets that bit quicker. This wide selection can help you with pre and post nutrition, budgeting, snacking and hydration.



Meal plans – The word “diet” is used loosely because everyone has that expectation but, DAREBEE instead aims to simply help you develop better eating habits. There is no plan that works for everyone it’s all about trial and error. All of these plans are only suggestions and leave room for you to make your own twists and variations.


Recipes – If you have favourite meals you want to make healthier or are looking for something new to tempt or fill your appetite with the DAREBEE recipe page has info on meals such as breakfast, snacks, lunch, main meals and even treats.


The Hive – Lastly, this page is all about the chit chat. Giving you the latest news and announcements, providing a help desk for any unanswered questions, a feedback and suggestions tab where everyone’s ideas are welcome. Even a training log so you can follow other people’s journeys, cheering them on and posting your own as well. There is also a chat room for both fitness and non-fitness discussions, a chance to mess around, make friends and introduce yourself to the community.

DAREBEE has expanded further from its website and social media. They now offer two apps, which like everything else DAREBEE offers, is free. The apps are currently only available for Andriod devices on Google Play; iOS versions will become available soon.

The FitTap

The FitTap app by DAREBEE is a great way of staying active during the day. You can play fitness dares with friends, workout partners or family. Every tap delivered you a new fitness dare.


Pocket Workouts

Pocket Workouts app is a collection of DAREBEE workouts, which you can surf through offline and on the go. The app contains 250 routines, which are arranged into 7 categories: strength, high burn, combat, abs, stretching, yoga and micro-workouts.


Recommended JLL Equipment for DAREBEE Workouts

Throughout all of these workouts, there is the option of using equipment to help build your fitness, these workouts don’t have to be limited to a gym but can be done in the comfort of your own home. For any equipment you may need JLL Fitness can help, the main pieces of equipment used in DAREBEE’s workouts can be found through JLL such as:


Vinyl Dumbbell Set 20kg – 30kg

Kettlebells 2kg – 18kg

Rubber Hex Dumbbells 4kg – 32kg

Neoprene Coated Dumbbells

Heavy Duty Slam Ball 5kg – 15kg

Ankle Weights 0.5kg – 2.5kg 


JLL Yoga/ Pilates Starter Pack

Fitness Gym Ball (55cm) 

Fitness Gym Ball (75cm)

Yoga Mat 15mm

Yoga Mat (10mm)

Yoga Mat 6mm + Free Carry Case


Skipping Rope (Blue, Purple, Black)

Speed Skipping Rope (Red or Green)

Foam Roller (Orange, Blue, Black, Purple and Pink)

To view the entire range of JLL stock visit:  www.jllfitness.co.uk  Or alternatively, you can find us through Amazon and eBay.
You can also visit our West Midland, Showroom. Where you can try our range our home treadmills, commercial treadmills,  exercise bikes, yoga equipment and other gym equipment and fitness equipment.

What do others have to say?

Here are just some of the reviews on Neila’s creation for you to see just how others find DAREBEE;

Wow! I’ve just by chance bumped into your site. I’m really stoked that you people have put this resource together (and share this information freely). Good for you! And good for me too!! I have no qualms at all about donating to this project. It’s so well designed and easy to follow and navigate. I salute you all with all my heart!!! Thank you. Many blessings”

Mark – 21st July 2016

“I can’t afford time and money going to the gym and I’m quite shy in a crowded place so this site provides me most of the things I need which is totally awesome beyond words: D Love from Vietnam”

Long Nguyen – 20th July 2016

“For about 2 years I was relatively inactive, I would maybe workout for 2-3 days in a row, but would then quit for months at a time. Then I found this site and decided enough was enough. I did Spartan trials (mainly due to its cool name) and got into the groove of working out again. I saw results pretty early which motivated me more and I worked out every day. Right now I go to the gym nearly every day and I owe it all to the Darebee team for helping me become healthy and fit again.”

Lefty – 13th July 2016

All this information and much more can be found at http://darebee.com/

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