How Cycling Helps You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

No two people are alike, and that includes their fitness goals. You might be trying to add 10lbs of lean muscle, while Steve from work is training for a 26-mile marathon. The bulk of your training programs are going to be very different, but there will be some workouts that can benefit both, and one of them is cycling.

Here, at BikeParts, we know a deal about cycling and what makes it a perfect training program for you. Whether you cycle on the stationary bike or you’re a hardcore cyclist, this article is meant for all.



Cycling improves your cardiovascular fitness. This means that your heart and lungs can supply blood rich in oxygen to the working muscles more efficiently. This is important because your muscles require a lot of oxygen during your workouts.

If you have an efficient cardiovascular system, you’ll be less tired in the gym and can push a lot harder for a longer period, thus increasing your workout volume.

In this case, if you’re trying to build muscle and gain some weight, it’s wise to include the bicycle in your workout routine. You shouldn’t neglect cardio just because you will burn some fat.

If your goal is to stay fit and healthy at fifty, cycling is great because it’s a low-impact exercise. Rope skipping and running are great cardio exercises too, but over time your joints can start to hurt because it has to support your body weight each time your foot lands. When you cycle, you don’t have to worry about this.

You’ll also build up your leg muscles and maintain them over time. As we get older, our muscles start to deteriorate, and it only accelerates if you live a sedentary lifestyle. If you plan on using your legs pain-free long after you retire, you should really consider cycling!

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