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Treadmill is a device that is used for running or walking while you stay at the same place. It includes exercise on a treadmill bicycle which is combined with the blood pressure and the electrocardiography (ECG) monitoring. Treadmill has a machine providing with a platform set in motion with the help of a wide conveyor belt instead of the user that powers the mill. This conveyor belt is generally driven by a flywheel or an electric motor. The motion of the belt is to the rear side expecting the user either to walk or run in a pace matching to that of the belt. Running or walking rate is decided as per the motion rate of the conveyor belt in order to either control or measure the speed of the exercise.

Types of treadmill

  • Manual Treadmill: It is simply a machine that utilizes a combination of belt and rollers that is set in motion by the efforts put in by the user. Since the tempo is set by the user itself and even the belt does not move on its own, this type is a little non beneficial and comparatively less enthusiastic.
  • Motorized Treadmill: Features like setting up of walking, jogging or running speed are incorporated in this type providing you with the optimum quantity of exercise.
  • Folding Treadmill: This type is a solution for the accommodation to limited spaces as the name suggests. The storage is extremely convenient and apart from this, it can be easily hidden away when unused. It is ideal for homes and offices, where you have little time to spare.

Features of Treadmill

  • Warranties: A descent warranty lasts for a minimum time span of two years which is usually provided with all the best quality treadmills.
  • Incline Adjusters: With the simulation to actual running, it is suitable to add in the intensity and variation to your workout making it more interesting.
  • Heart Monitor: Assures cardiovascular fitness allowing you to keep a track on your heart rate with the help of figures being displayed.
  • Training Programmes: Inbuilt work-out plans will let you exercise leaving you stress free with the speed, intensity and type parameters of exercise management.

Pros of Treadmill

  • Regardless of the weather conditions, one can follow the routine exercise without any kind of atmospheric hindrances.
  • Constant speed can be maintained over for a desired period of time with the help of the rate setter.
  • One of the settings like incline allows the user to practice a consistent training pertaining to ‘uphill’ which is practically not possible when depending on natural features.
  • Progress in terms of heart rate, burned calories and distance in the exercise plan of the user can be easily tracked.

Cons of Treadmill

  • Due to the imposition of strict pace on runners an unnatural feeling towards running might cause the loss of runner’s balance.
  • After some stipulated duration, most of the users lose interest in treadmill exercise and find it monotonous.
  • Psychological dissatisfaction is a parameter that most of the users come across because of the runners losing on the exploration of new locations and distractions from homes.
  • Costs incurred on maintenance, repairing and power is considerably expensive in comparison with the running exercises under natural conditions.
  • Installation of personalized treadmills in the house takes up a lot of space wherein; running or simple exercise relevant could be even more convenient in the premises itself.

There will always be distinct factors to be considered while choosing the best treadmill. The best thing is to never settle down for something that will make you decision regrettable. Test out a number of treadmills; keenly scrutinize the features and models available along with the reviews and ratings. After a rigorous study, you will certainly find the perfect match for your requirements.

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