Cross Trainer Buying Guide 2022


If you are looking at getting your first cross trainer, (elliptical machine) then this is the guide for you.

A cross trainer is a cardio machine that can help you develop your aerobic fitness. These machines can be used to condition multiple muscles at once, by increasing the intensity of the resistance

Cross trainers are versatile, easy to use and low impact for your joints making them a great way to get a full body workout in.

This piece of equipment simulates the movements experienced when walking, running, and climbing stairs, to provide an effective, full-body workout.


Cross Trainer Resistance Types


When it comes to choosing your first cross trainer or upgrading from your current model you will need to consider a varied number of options that come with the models you are looking to purchase. The first option to look at is resistance-



Magnetic cross trainers require you to manually turn a knob on the front of the cross trainer to change the resistance. Increasing the resistance determines how hard you need to push yourself during your workout. Our Magnetic models are the CT200, CT300 and CT500. 



Electro-magnetic cross trainers use varying magnetic fields to adjust the resistance level. You will be able to easily change how hard you are working with a touch of a button on the monitor. This is perfect for quickly changing between resistance levels during interval training. Interval workouts are one of the most effective ways to maximise weight loss and build stamina when training. Our electromagnetic model is the CT600.


  • Allows for more resistance increments


Flywheel weight for crosstrainers

Flywheel weight for cardio equipment is usually measured in kilograms. Flywheel weight is an important factor which affects both the resistance and smoothness of a cross trainer’s movement. In general, the higher the flywheel weight the better.


Maximum user weight

When purchasing any piece of cardio equipment, it is best to check that the maximum user weight suits you. Our cross trainers all vary in maximum weight so it’s important to do your research. Our CT600 has the highest weight of 135kg.


Space needed 

Cross trainers will take up a larger floor space due to their lack of folding ability, although all our models do come with wheels to transport around your home for storage. The more compact cross trainers we have are the CT200 and CT300.



The monitor on your cross trainer will provide the information you receive during your workout. Some monitors are basic and just show time, distance, and speed, whereas others offer more complex information such as heart rate readings and calories burned.


The information that you require feedback on will decide what kind of monitor is best for you. If your main goal is to increase your aerobic fitness, then a basic console which simply displays time and speed is probably adequate. However, if you’re looking to burn calories or monitor heart rate then you will need a more advanced unit. Luckily at a minimum, all our models provide time, speed, distance, distance, calories and pulse.


Key benefits of a cross trainer- 


Puts less stress on your joints

Cross training helps strengthen your bone and muscle density, ensuring you are better equipped for everyday movement. Using a cross trainer provides similar body benefits to jogging but with less stress on your joints and muscles, especially on your knees are a known problem area. That’s because there’s no impact involved as your feet always stay on the pedals.


Boosts your calories burned

The calorie burn associated with a cross trainer is higher than that of some other cardio equipment such as indoor cycling bikes and treadmills. Aiding you to lose body fat in a shorter amount of time. As a great source of aerobic exercise this machine Is perfect for interval training, not forgetting the heart rate monitor lets you ensure you’re working out in the right zone for your goal.


Low maintenance equipment

As most cardio equipment will need the occasional maintenance to ensure that it will continue to work for a long period of time the cross trainer is a low-maintenance cardio item. Needed a bare minimum of wiping over after use you will very rarely need to keep up to date of any maintenance pieces.


After-Sale Support

Once you have made your decision and your purchase, things can still go wrong with your item. So, it is important to buy from a reputable company. JLL Fitness provide at least a year’s warranty on all fitness machines. We also have a UK based after sales team to assist you with any queries.

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