Correct Rowing Technique and 5 Benefits of Using Rowing Machines


rowing machine

By implementing rowing into your fitness regime, you can experience a number of surprising health benefits. It’s an exercise that can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels. What’s more, you can now get quality rowing machines for less than £150 these days so it won’t break the bank.

In this post we will be looking at the benefits of including rowing into a fitness regime. However, before we get into the benefits, let’s focus on proper form.


Similar to Olympic rowers, users should picture their rowing movement as 4 segments.

  1. The first is the catch. This is the starting position where the user’s knees are bent and while arms are stretched to grab handles. The users back should be upright and tall at this stage.
  2. Next is the drive. This is the part where the explosive movement comes in. They should propel themselves back by driving through their feet and keeping the core engaged. Once legs are fully extended, transfer the momentum to the arms to complete the rowing motion.
  3. After this is the finishing stage, this is where the user ensure that the full motion is achieved. Your hands should be at the chest level.
  4. Finally, there is the recovery stage. This is the slow and controlled movement back to the starting position.

So now we have the technique let’s look at some of the benefits


rowing machine


As previously mentioned, rowing is an effective exercise irrespective of age or fitness levels. With this in mind it is one of the most effective aerobic exercises that can be done by all. Rowing promotes and maintain a healthy balance within the body as numerous muscles are targeted in on movement. There is even research available that concludes that the metabolic requirements of a HIIT-focused rowing workout are similar to what can be found in MMA training!


Weight Loss

While using a rowing machine, it is possible to burn on average 600 calories in an hour. This alone makes it one of the most efficient pieces of equipment in relation to weight loss.


Total Body Workout

While working the largest muscles in the body (quads) as a primary group along with the majority of the other muscles at the same time, is what make rowing so effective. As a result of this, persistent rowing can make everyday task much easier by making you stronger overall.


Low Impact Cardio

The motion of rowing is what fitness experts would call a low impact movement. Unlike jogging or burpees, there is no real stress put on joints and muscles. Therefore, there is less risk of injury making it a perfect exercise for young and old.



One of the most rewarding benefits of including rowing to your exercise regime is the fact that you will improve both muscle performance as well as endurance. Whether you’re a regular gym goer that is hoping to tone or suffering from health conditions such as arthritis, rowing can help you improve. With repeated use, you will gain increased stamina and boost your metabolism. More energy means more drive to do the things you love!

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