Compact Home Gym Equipment for Small Spaces

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Home Gym?

Home gym equipment can provide a serious boost to your relationship with exercise. Rather than going to a gym, you can have all the benefits of proper equipment without travelling, paying monthly fees or those awkward moments. It’s all already yours.

At home, you can exercise as soon as you get up in the morning, or before you go to bed. There’s no distance to travel, no bag to pack. You just go to your gear and start warming up.

All this makes you much more likely to stick to your exercise plan, as you’ll have fewer excuses or barriers between you and your workout.

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What Is The Most Common Equipment Used In A Home Gym?

It depends on your fitness goals. For people working on building stamina, a treadmill is most common, followed by a rowing machine.
For those working on strength, dumbbells are popular. They’re easy to use and take up very little space. Kettlebells and medicine balls are also well-liked and easy to store.

How Do You Make Room For A Compact Home Gym?

Exercising at home can be a challenge if you feel like your house is full already. However, a gym doesn’t have to take up much room.

Become A Minimalist

  • Choose one form of cardio and one form of strength training. Commit to perfecting your form in these activities.
  • Some home gym set-ups are as minimal as a mat and a kettlebell. With this, you can still achieve good results in strength training, flexibility, and cardio.
  • Choose exercises that only need small items, such as resistance training. A resistance band takes up a few inches, maximum.
  • Even more minimal? Bodyweight exercises such as pushups and planks can increase strength and fitness with no equipment needed.
  • Making room for exercise space may also mean decluttering your home. If the space you want to use is taken up with storing items you never use, bite the bullet. Find neat storage solutions for what’s left, such as vacuum packing clothes or installing extra shelving.

Multifunctional Strength Training Equipment

If you can use the same equipment for multiple exercises, you’ve found a space-saving solution. The best multi-functional exercise equipment include:

  • Adjustable weights: rather than 3 pairs of dumbbells, you have one with additional weight plates. Check out this adjustable barbell as well.
  • Resistance Band Set: this strength band set adds functionality to an already versatile tool. Swap handles for ankle straps, and use the door anchor to turn any room into a gym.

Portable And Foldable Gym Equipment

If you can’t make space for large equipment to be out all of the time, choose lightweight models that fold or roll. These are much easier to tuck out of the way when not in use.


Creative Storage Ideas For Small Home Gyms

When you have a small space for exercise, storage makes a huge difference. You might be unable to make room for a dedicated weight rack, especially if you have equipment to work around. Here are some gym storage ideas to help you out.

1. Hooks

You can easily add hooks to any wall space to store gym accessories. You can hang lightweight items such as workout mats, resistance bands and even inflated exercise balls easily.

For dumbbells and kettlebells, you need to make sure your hooks are strong.

  • Use plenty of long screws with raw plugs and adhesive
  • Make sure you screw into a wall stud or brick/concrete
  • The more hooks you use, the more evenly you spread the weight.

You can purchase high-strength weight hooks and arrange them on your wall to support dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells.

For safety, never hang weights above head height.

2. Pegboard

Installing a pegboard is a smart, flexible way to use wall space. You can get pegboards made from steel, plastic or wood. Most pegboards can hold a total weight of 45kg, so keep this in mind when choosing storage for weights.

You can add baskets, shelves and hooks of varying sizes to a pegboard, in virtually any position. The board distributes the weight across the wall studs, so as long as your fixings are at regular intervals, you’ll have a strong and space-saving storage solution.

3. Rolling trolley

For a screwless storage solution, a trolley on wheels can organise your smaller gym equipment effortlessly. It can roll into place under a desk or behind your equipment, and come out when you need it.

With a small trolley, you can easily store compact weights like these high-density dumbbells. The 4kg weights are only 14cm long and 6cm high!

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You Can Do It!

A home gym is not out of reach for anyone. You can get started exercising at home by choosing compact equipment and finding creative storage solutions. Multifunctional equipment can help you make the most of your workout without taking up additional space. However you start your home gym, you won’t regret just getting started.

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