Common problems with treadmills

Exercise on a treadmill is a very good workout for different muscle groups, but sometimes we get tired and bored after walking or running at the same speed for twenty or thirty minutes. This is one of the most common mistakes with running machine exercise. Instead of stepping on and hiking or jogging at the same speed, why don’t you try alternating different speeds or inclines?

If you continue to follow a workout without any change, it can place you in a tough plateau to break. What’s more, it can block your results and make your workout tedious. For example, for a 30 minute workout, start on low speed such as 3 km/h, progressively increase the rate to 8 km/h, run for around 200-400 metres on that pace and slowly decrease the speed.

jll s300 home folding treadmill

In JLL we know how important alternative workouts are for keeping you fit, for that reason all our treadmills have 10 to 15 different pre-set programmes where you can workout most of your muscle groups. Plus, within these programmes you can re-set the first three by changing the speed and make a more efficient workout who answers your needs.

Another common mistake is starting out at the pace you want to maintain without warming up. Treadmill exercises like those will possibly lead to injuries, not to mention frustration. It also means you are not using all of your lower body muscles effectively. It is always recommended to start on a slow pace for warming up the muscles and slowly increasing the speed. And do not forget to decrease slowly the speed, which will make your beats go down and when the running machine stops, your pulse would be in a normal range.

Hope this post helps you to workout on a treadmill. If you have any doubt or suggestion, do not hesitate on contact us by commenting this post. Don’t forget to live us some feedback and enjoy the run!

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