Christmas Ideas for the Fitness Fanatic

Not everyone likes to indulge in mince pies and sherry over Christmas. For those that are health conscious it is all about moderation and sticking to a routine. With gym closures and unpredictable hours over Christmas what better way to stay fit than in your own home? You don’t have to brave the dark mornings and the harsh cold weather or wait for your local gym to open. Here at JLL Fitness we offer a wide range of fitness equipment to suit every budget, whether you are looking for a stocking filler or something to truly make a statement you can find the perfect gift here. Below is just a sample of the products that we have to offer.

Gifts under £10

Yoga Stretching Belt £3.89

yoga belts

This 100% natural cotton belt will help you reach and maintain the hard to achieve Yoga poses. It is lightweight yet durable and comes in a variety of colours.

Fitness Exercise Ball £6.99

yoga balls

55cm in diameter these Fitness balls are made from an anti-burst material. They are the perfect accessory to help develop and tone your core muscles, balance and co-ordination.

Yoga Mat and Carry Case £6.99

yoga mats

The JLL Yoga mat provides a soft and stable ground for your workouts. The breathable fabric is easy to clean and rolls back up to fit the carry case that is included. The ideal accompaniment to any aerobic workout.

Forceball Wristball £5.99

power ball

This small item will create an extraordinary sensation in your hand. You will work each muscle and ligament of the arm by holding the gyroscope wrist ball with your hand and rotating your wrist in a slow circular motion. With the gyroscope wrist ball you will work every muscle or tendon in the arm from the tips of the fingers to the shoulders.

2lb Red Dumbbells £8.99

dumbbells pair weights

The JLL Light Weight Dumbbells are great for toning and sculpting rather than muscle building. You can easily incorporate these dumbbells into other activities such as walking, running or aerobics to train your whole body.

Gifts under £50

Balance Trainer £37.99

balance trainer

The JLL Balance Trainer is designed to help tone and strengthen core muscles. It is easy to use, fun and effective.

Weight Bench £49.99

commercial weight bench

The JLL bench is ideal for sit-ups, abs and dumbbell training and many different home training exercises. It can be set to 4 different positions from flat to 90 degree angle incline, or 45 degree angle decline. It has strong, durable upholstery.

Gifts under £100

VX Exercise Bike £74.99

vx  exercise bikes

The VX Exercise bike is versatile and comes in a variety of colours. The 8 levels of resistance are designed to keep you both challenged and motivated. It is lightweight and foldable and can be enjoyed by wide host of users. You can even place it in front of the T.V whilst you are cycling.

JF100 Exercise Bike £74.99

JF100 exercise bike

The JF100 Exercise bike offers 10 levels of magnetic resistance. It is compact and easy to move. The 3 piece crank provides a smother pedalling action and is a great additional to any room in the house. The JF100 is suitable for all ages.

Gifts over £150

IC300 Spinning Bike £169

ic300 indoor cycling bike

The IC300 is a direct chain driven spinning bike that is available in either white/black or black/red. It is designed for the enthusiastic cyclist that doesn’t want to attend a spinning class. The streamlined frame and ergonomic handrails provide stability and comfort.

S400 Motorised Treadmill £499

jll s400 motoried treadmill

The S400 motorised treadmill is a remarkable running machine. It has digital control technology and the slowest start up speed in the U.K at 0.3km/h. It boasts a running area size of 135cm x 45 cm and has 15 running programmes and a 20 level auto incline. Not only can you connect your IPod/IPhone or MP3 player through an auxiliary or USB interface but this folding treadmill is also Bluetooth enabled. Perfect for blasting out the tunes whilst your legs are working hard. Although it has a generous running area this motorised treadmill is still foldable and can be easily transported as it has inbuilt wheels.

If you still have not found the gift you are looking for and need further assistance in choosing the right piece of fitness equipment. Then please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and contact a member of our sales team on 0121 328 7507/ 0800 6123 988. Alternatively pop down to our showroom in Birmingham where we can happily walk you through the items we have to offer.

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I am 33 and have two dogs that keep me active and fit. I love to explore the outdoors and I’m always looking for new ideas to add fun to my fitness regime.

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