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The light displays are up in major cities, that one neighbour is consuming the whole road’s power supply with their obnoxious light up snowman and the puffer jackets are on. The countdown to Christmas has begun and we’re here for it. Unless you are the part of the 1% of the population that has their life together, you probably haven’t bought all of your christmas presents yet. You’ve got 3 weeks to browse, purchase and wrap up your goodies oh and you’ve got courier delays to contend with to…Yeah.. Time to get cracking! 

Have you got some fitness buff friends that are tricky to buy for? Well we’ve got you covered. In this post we will be covering our top picks for those who live and breathe fitness as well as the newbies looking to get started in the new year. Make sure to bookmark this webpage so you can refer back to it. Let’s dive in


Christmas gifts Under £40


Okay let’s start off with the smaller, stocking-filler items. The more affordable options that still pack a punch when it comes to delivering value at christmas!




Starting the list off with a cracker, the adjustable vinyl dumbbell set that also doubles as a barbell with a max weight of 20kg. This is a great piece of kit and should be an essential for any home gym. What’s great about this is, not only does it double as a barbell and dumbbell but it is also suitable for a gym-goer of any level. The weight is perfect for a beginner as it allows them to isolate their biceps, triceps, shoulders and traps in dumbbell form. Simply add more reps or shorter rest times to increase the resistance when using this item, if you are more advanced.





The master of all circuit training equipment. Kettlebells are a great tool to help you perform intense circuit training with explosive movements that really punish your body. Their grip allows for swinging functionality which is a great way to activate multiple muscle groups with one exercise. The colourways on these kettlebells are also really aesthetic too so don’t leave this one out of your wish list.





Another piece of equipment perfect for resistance training or interval cardio circuits. Made from solid metal with a chrome finish and knurling to improve grip. Ideal for shoulder pressing, bicep curls and goblet squats.





These don’t need much of an explanation really. They are such a versatile tool. A lightweight piece of kit that allows you to perform a multitude of different exercises and target various different muscle groups. Great bargain, what more could you ask for?




Here’s one for those of you who don’t find picking up heavy things particularly enjoyable. Our incredibly plush and comfy yoga mats will provide you with the optimal setup for a great session of yoga, indoors or outdoors. If you want a comfortable floor space for body weight exercises too, these are also great!

The main events this Christmas




The CT500 might take some wrapping but what a present it could be. With its minimalistic yet slick all black finish and silver track, it gives off a really premium feel. A sturdy 7kg flywheel gives the user a smooth exercising experience which makes you not want to get off this thing. The monitor provides you with all the metrics you need to keep track of your progress, such as: distance, time, speed, calories, pulse and the odometer reading.





Throwing in our first exercise bike into the mix. Get a monstrous workout on this stylish bike. One of only 2 friction resistance bikes that we offer and guaranteed to deliver a sturdy exercising experience. With a heavy 20kg flywheel and onboard workout programs, you can be rest assured you’re in safe hands. 





An upright bike needed to make this list! A different riding experience, built more for endurance and lengthier cycles than our indoor cycle range. With an adjustable seat to cater for a wide range of heights, we’ve got you covered with this bike. 12 workout programs are included as standard and this upright bike is compatible with third party apps to allow you to gain more insights into your workouts and take your fitness to greater heights.



T350 – in time for christmas


Some like cycling and others prefer running, so we thought we’d showcase one of our treadmills next. The T350 is guaranteed to deliver a stellar cardio workout and is built to last. With its 20 levels of incline and lengthy running track, you can’t fault it. It also comes fully equipped with high quality speakers and even 20 running programs to really put you through your paces.


Woman running on T350


Aqua 1 Hydro Rower – in time for christmas

Our premium water rower is perfect for those who want to involve their upper body whilst carrying out cardio. Put your upper back through its paces, increase your explosive power and get in summer body shape with the aid of a rowing machine.

So there we have it. Just a few items to consider buying your loved items (or even asking them to buy for you) this christmas! To view our full catalogue of products, head over to our website HERE and browse our full range of items.


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