Choosing the right piece of Home Fitness Equipment for your Physical therapy needs.

It’s often hard when attending physical therapy to make the commitment to continue your exercise once you are home. More often than not we don’t have the equipment or the time to rehabilitate our injuries. So let’s take time out of the equation and give ourselves half an hour each day to spend on ourselves, its time well spent on your body and you can guarantee that you will start to feel the benefits almost immediately. So now time is no longer an excuse let’s look at the equipment. Fitness equipment no longer has to break the bank there are a lot of affordable pieces available on the market today. Don’t be deceived either just because they are affordable does not mean to say that have scrimped on the quality or the features. So the piece of equipment you need is all dependant on the type of rehabilitation you need. The majority pieces of exercise equipment will work on your cardiovascular system and improve your general fitness levels and health.


jll treadmills

Let’s be more specific, if you are looking for something to help with your joints, hips, thighs, calves and core muscles then a treadmill is the answer. Sometimes the thought of using a treadmill can be quite daunting; the first image that comes to mind is that of an experienced runner looking extremely focussed, not breaking a sweat, pounding his feet hard on the board in a rhythmic beat.

Treadmills aren’t just for runners they are also for walkers too, and you can keep yourself challenged with different speeds, distances and incline levels. JLL Fitness has designed there home treadmills with digital control technology, which means the machine has a mini microchip controlling it and therefore it is smoother and more durable not only that unlike other treadmills they are unaffected by dust or changes in temperature.

The digital control technology found in the JLL folding treadmills is perfect for those undergoing physical therapy and rehabilitation as they provide the slowest start speed in the U.K at just 0.3km/h. There is no jerking as the belt starts to move as this slow speed ensures safety and comfort are well thought about at JLL.

With speed increments of just 0.1km/h you can gradually increase your speed to find something you are comfortable with. You do not need to push yourself unless you want to. The sturdy frame and soft grip handrails are perfectly designed for those that need to take some of the pressure away from their legs, the handrails themselves can help support you whilst you walk.

The cushioning system found on the JLL treadmills will also help soften the impact to your joints whilst you use the machine making it a much better alternative to walking on pavements and paths. At JLL Fitness you will find a treadmill suitable for you, whether you are looking for a large running area, variance in incline or just somewhere to plug your IPod the right running machine is waiting for you. You do not need to worry about space either as the home treadmills are all compact, foldable and easily transported with inbuilt wheels for your convenience.

Exercise Bikes

exercise bikes

An exercise bike is perfect if you are looking for a low impact exercise. A stationary bike could be the option for you if you suffer from a bad back, arthritis or stress. Using an exercise bike will help strengthen bones and increase mobility. It is an easy form of exercise and although it can still be challenging it is a lot easier to do than using a treadmill mainly because you can multitask whilst doing it.

Why not stick your favourite soap on the T.V whilst you’re cycling or if you are particularly good at multi-tasking why not read a novel. It’s great to keep your mind just as active as your legs. There are three different types of exercise bikes available at JLL Fitness at the moment and these are; the upright bike, the spinning bike and the recumbent bike. If you need something for a small space that’s easy to use and is great for beginners then the upright bike is for you. If you need something with added support and comfort then the recumbent bike is the best solution.

If however you want to challenge yourself and you want the feel of a real bike but within the comfort and warmth of your own home then the spinning bike is the best choice for you. The flywheel and 3 pc crank system found on the JLL exercise bikes creates a smoother pedalling experience that is astoundingly quiet too.

Cross Trainers

Cross trainers are perfect for those that need to improve the strength in their shoulders, arms and legs without the discomfort of running. Like the exercise bike a cross trainer provides a low impact workout yet burns just as many calories as running. The dual action handlebars found on the JLL cross trainers is perfect for working the muscles in your shoulders and arms. If it is a leg injury you are recovering from and want to help improve the muscles in it then a cross trainer is a great solution as you can hold onto the stationary handrails and just move your legs. The non- skid foot pedals are designed to keep you both safe and stable whilst working out. All of the cross trainers form JLL Fitness come with 8 levels of resistance so as your strength and endurance increase so can your level of resistance.

So now you have taken a brief look at the types of fitness equipment available to aid physical therapy and rehabilitation, the next step is choosing a model that suits your needs and budget. Remember the JLL home treadmills feature the slowest start up speed in the U.K at just 0.3km/h. The JLL Fitness exercise bikes are compact, lightweight and the 3 pc crank allows a smoother pedalling experience. The 8 level resistance on the JLL cross trainers can help improve endurance and muscle toning working your whole body.

Rehabilitation is extremely vital for our muscles as they need to be given the time to strengthen and heal.  Treat your body to the time it deserves and you will reap the rewards in the future. Having a piece of fitness equipment in your home is a great addition to any family and it will keep you motivated, engaged and challenged.


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