Can a Stationary Bike Help You To Lose Weight?

If you want to lose weight, you should cut down on your calorie intake and exercise regularly. People now go to the gym and do various exercises at home also to keep themselves fit. Among the various exercise equipment available, the stationary bike has been a popular choice. Do stationary bikes help lose weight? It’s what many people wonder. Here we are going to discuss the effectiveness of using stationary bikes for weight loss.


Stationary Bike


You can get into great shape and improve your health by exercising on a stationary bike. The modern stationary bikes are very sophisticated. It can measure the number of calories burned, heart rate, mileage, and speed. There are adjustable fitness programs that make exercise fun.

There are two types of stationary bikes available in the market: upright stationary bicycle and recumbent stationary bicycle. When you ride a stationary bike, you will feel similar to riding a normal outdoor bike. When you ride a recumbent bike, you need to recline a bit as you ride. The pedals are in front of you rather than below you. If you suffer from the back problem, then this type of stationary bike is ideal for you. Here are the reasons why stationary bikes are effective in losing weight.


Low impact

It is a low impact exercise that won’t put much stress on your spine. It will help you strengthen the lower body without causing stress to the joints. Even the physical therapists prescribe exercising on stationary bikes after a surgery or injury.


Muscle strengthening

It helps to strengthen your major muscle groups. The push motion strengthens the quadriceps, and the pull motion strengthens the hamstrings. Less stress will be exerted on your knees when you use a stationary bike.


Burns calories

A stationary bike is a great calorie burner. If you ride it on a moderate pace, you will burn about 210 calories in 40 minutes on average.


Lose belly fat

When you churn your legs on the stationary bike, you will lose extra belly fat. You will lose the visceral fat that is present in the deep belly. You will gain lean muscles.


Interval training

High-intensity exercise or HIIT will help you to lose weight. You can do HIIT on your stationary bike for a few days of the week and do moderate-intensity exercise the rest of the days.


Benefits of exercise bikes

The stationary bikes are great for losing weight. They provide various benefits over the other exercise equipment. Here are some reasons you should use stationary bikes for weight loss.

•    You can exercise at your own pace. You can easily regulate the speed. So, you can control the intensity of your exercise. This way your chances of getting injured will be reduced.

•    You can adjust the speed and resistance level in increments. So, you can choose to step up or step down.

•    You can reduce your belly fat and get your butts and thighs into shape by exercising on a stationary bike.

•    As you can keep the stationary bike indoors, you can use it anytime.


Tips for exercising on stationary bikes

You should start exercising slowing and for short periods in the beginning. Here are some tips for using the stationary bike the proper way of losing weight.

•    You can listen to music or watch TV for 15 to 20 minutes at a steady level. It will burn your fat and develop your cardiovascular endurance.

•    You can then increase the intensity level gradually. Increase it in 5-minute intervals. The workload will get harder, and you will burn more calories.

•    You can try speed intervals where you increase your pace after a steady warm-up and then decrease your speed again. Repeat it for 15-20 minutes.


If you use a stationary bike, you won’t have to worry about weather conditions. You can exercise on the bike at your own pace at home. You can also check your email, listen to music or call up clients while riding on the stationary bike. If you can lose 500 calories per day, you will be able to lose one pound of fat every week. A stationary bike can help burn calories throughout the body (calorie burner) . So, exercise on your stationary bike for 30 minutes every day and lose weight fast.


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  1. This article answered pretty much exactly what I wanted to know. I’m a beginner biker and just want to lose weight and tone up afterward. I was concerned about not eating enough protein, but now, considering I’m not a competitive biker, I think what I’m consuming is fine.

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    Weight loss is a very hard and continuous process. Stationary bikes really help everyone for their weight loss journey. Thank you for sharing great content.

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