Buying a Quality Home Treadmill

There is a wide variety of home treadmills currently available on the market so the thought of whittling down the prospective choices can be quite confusing. There are a lot of companies out there that offer a multitude of brands with the same specifications.

So why buy from a smaller company?

With a smaller company you will find the staff more knowledgeable about the products as their focus is purely on fitness equipment and generally they won’t sell as many items as a large superstore so there understanding of the products is a lot more in depth. A small company will more than likely offer a longer warranty or in house repairs as they are confident in the products that they sell so should you have an issue they will have you back up and running in no time.

Buying a Quality Home Treadmill from JLL Fitness

jll treadmills

JLL Fitness is a Birmingham based supplier in fitness equipment. They sell a range of Home and Commercial Treadmills as well as exercise bikes, weight benches and Yoga equipment. Not only can you purchase one of their items on the internet but if you would prefer a more personal touch you can pay by phone or visit their showroom.

JLL Fitness only uses the highest quality materials within their products and the customer service team is always on hand should you have an enquiry.

What to look for when purchasing a Home Treadmill

So when you start to look at purchasing a home treadmill you will already have an idea in your head of how much you would ideally like to spend. You should also have an idea of how you want to use the machine? How often you intend to use it? And who in the house will also be using it? This information will help you think about the features, size and power. Most home treadmills come with the ability to fold up so you may also need to think about where the item will be stored when it is not in use.

The JLL Folding Home Treadmill

jll S300 treadmill measurements

JLL Fitness has a range of folding home treadmills that have a 2.5 continuous HP DC motor allowing the machines to feel smooth when in use.

The home running machines have digital control technology which means that they are not affected by dust, debris or a change in temperature. The digital control technology adds to the durability of these machines.

JLL Fitness has taken the time to understand what safety features are needed on a foldable treadmill. They offer the slowest start up speed in the U.K at just 0.3km per hour and can reach a maximum of 16km per hour. There is no sudden jerking as the machine starts it is slow and gradual.

The speed can be controlled via the buttons on the handrail which prevents you from unduly stretching across the machine. The JLL home treadmill is built with a sturdy and durable frame to help support you if you do not feel steady on your feet. Using the handrails for support will also alleviate some of the pressure put onto your knees whilst walking or running.

The handrails also have an inbuilt heart rate sensor that is connected up to the monitor so you can keep track of your vital statistics.

All of the JLL foldable home treadmills offer at least a 1 level incline this is because running on an incline is softer on your joints compared to running on a flat surface. The shock absorption system found on these treadmills will cushion the board and take the impact so that your legs do not have to. Each treadmill comes with its own safety key and it is recommended that before starting the treadmill this is attached to a piece of your clothing. The key is designed to stop the treadmill instantly the minute the key is disconnected from its magnetic slot.

These running machines will always keeping you feeling motivated and engaged as they come with a range of programmes, the first three programmes you are able to program yourself. You can also walk or run using the heart rate program. You choose your desired heart rate and the machine will adjust the speed accordingly to keep you at that rate.

The LCD monitors have an adjustable brightness setting and will display; Time, speed, distance, calories and heart rate.

The JLL home treadmills offer a variety of entertainment features depending on the model you have chosen. On a variety of them you are able to connect your IPod/IPhone/ MP3 player through an auxiliary cable that is supplied with the machine. You can also insert a USB drive so that you can play your music through the speakers.

JLL Fitness has designed a compact range of treadmills that can be easily moved in and out of spaces as they have wheels in built into the frames. Great if you need something you can store away and wheel out when you want.

JLL home treadmills do not come with assembly however they offer free delivery to the U.K Mainland and should you have any installation questions then one of their team members will be able to offer advice and support.

JLL Fitness offers a surprisingly long warranty on their home treadmills and this is because they believe in the quality and manufacturing of their items. On a home treadmill you will get 5 years warranty on the motor, 2 years parts and labour and a lifetime guarantee on the frame.

Why not check out JLL’s Latest Offers on their Home Treadmills?





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