How To Build A Home Workout Kit For Under £30

Getting fit and into shape is hard enough without the added thought of how costly it is. Gym memberships or home workout equipment can be great, but not everybody has the disposable income to spend on those sorts of luxuries. Here we’ve compiled a list of cheap home workout kit you can buy for under £30!

home workout kit

  1. Skipping Rope

Looking for an intense cardio workout without hitting the treadmill? A skipping rope may be the answer you’re looking for. Skipping provides a great cardio workout that burns a huge amount of fat. It’s a small and practical piece of kit that can be taken anywhere so you’re not just limited to the gym. Workout at home, in the garden, in the park or anywhere with adequate space. You can also pick up a good rope for under £2.00 so they’re a great investment.

Price: £1.99


  1. Resistance Band

Resistance bands are a good way of turning a normal room in your house into a home gym. You can wrap a resistance band around a door handle to perform a number of exercises that attacks lots of muscle groups. Perform tricep extensions, chest presses, front raises, lat pull downs, side pulls and so much more! A simple google search will show the huge range of exercises that can be done with just a simple resistance band. These types of exercises are great for toning muscle over the entire body.

Price: £0.99

  1. Balance Board

You’ll never have to skip leg day again by investing in a balance board. These versatile pieces of equipment can be used for a wide range of exercises to help improve stability, coordination as well build and tone muscle across the lower body and core. What’s more, is that you can pick one up for very little money, so it’s a handy piece of equipment to add to your home workout kit. Perform squats, lunges, planks or press ups to really work on your stability.

Price: £6.99

home workout kit

  1. Gym Ball 

Throw a gym ball into your home workout kit to work on muscles groups that you’d normally need to hit the gym for. Gym balls are all about instability and make normal moves such as pikes, planks or push ups that much harder and engages your core stabiliser muscles. You can buy them in different sizes to accommodate various users, and once deflated can be stored practically anywhere so they don’t take up any room in the home.

Price: £6.99

  1. Ab Roller

A great way to work on your core strength is by utilising the ab roller. Used correctly, this simple device will strengthen the abdominal muscles as well as muscle groups in the back. It’s an incredibly tough workout and it’s small size means it can be kept anywhere.

Price: £6.50

  1. Ankle Weights

Add resistance to your leg exercises by incorporating ankles weights. Standard exercises such as leg raises, leg extensions, kick backs and leg curls are enhanced by the resistance added from ankle weights. By adding weights to your workouts then you’ll tone and shape the muscles used in your legs and build more strength as well, making everyday tasks that much easier. They’re available in varying weights so they’re a tool that provides progression as you get stronger.

Price: £5.99


Total: £29.45


For under £30.00 you put yourself together an effective home workout kit that will keep the weight off and build muscle. This is especially useful in the winter months where we tend to consume more food and move a lot less!


Splash the cash!

By adding weights to your workout then you’ll build more muscle and burn fat a lot more quickly. This is a really healthy way to boost your metabolism, so even when you’re not working out, you’re burning calories a lot more effectively than usual.

A 20kg Dumbbell Set can be picked up for only £26.99 and gives you the flexibility to swap and change the weights of your dumbbells to suit your workout. This is the cost effective way purchasing dumbbells and buying singular weights can get expensive. Also, you’re limited to the weight that you buy.

Kettlebells are also versatile pieces of equipment that are great for building strength over the entire body. Moves such as squats, lunges and swings are compound exercises meaning they target multiple muscle groups over the entire body at once. Splashing out a bit more on weight equipment can really accelerate your goals.

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