To brand or not to brand… Reasons fitness equipment companies charge you more

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To brand or not to brand… that is the question. How do you decide on the right fitness equipment for you? Do you stay loyal to name brands? Are you a runner who looks for the best deals on the market? In every fitness equipment store or web, you have a choice. You can purchase the brand name product or you can select the knock off.

We are all surrounded of fitness advertising. Wherever you look at, there is an advert that has been placed there to catch your attention and make you desire that product either because it is the best remedy to tone up, it is the perfect product to seduce men or women, or it is the brand new treadmill that would make you lose weight faster. Whatever your reason was, you may have noticed that we make our decision based on known brands and we believe the idea that they want us to believe… However, the one who makes the decision is you!

Generally, big brands who sell fitness equipment hire plenty of people who design the different products and the marketing campaign paying loads for it. As a result, you often pay way more for a name brand than for an unknown brand. On the other hand, smaller brands have shockingly low margins and often much better thinking. So it does not show up in the price. In fact, as a customer, you get more value because firms seeking to establish themselves will work harder to keep you satisfied by offering you the best quality at the best price. They want you to come back for more. You will see every penny of your investment in the end product, no in the marketing campaign.

So, why are treadmills with similar features priced so differently? Because there is a logo on it and you are paying for. Usually big brands charge you double what they need to just because they have a brand image to maintain. You are only paying for a brand name, and they can charge more because people will pay it, or not? Do not be cheated by high prices as a sign of high quality, do your own research and find the treadmill that suits you, wherever its brand was.

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