BodyBuilding:The Facts

What BodyBuilding Really Is

When weight lifting, what you see on the outside is pumping iron = bigger muscles. What actually goes on internally is much more complex.

Bodybuilding is lifting increasingly heavier weights. By building up the weight in training sessions, your body responds with muscle growth. The growth is achieved by putting the muscle under unusual stress in training sessions. This causes small tears in the fibres and connective tissues of your muscles (micro-trauma).

pre workout muscle

pre workout muscle tissue

With the right amount of rest and nutrition the body will respond by repairing these tears. The repairing will add strength, growing the muscles so they are better equipped to cope with such training in future.

ripped muscle

post workout muscle tissue

Nutrition for BodyBuilding

Proteins are the first nutrition of a body builders diet. Protein helps to repair cells and tissue in the body and there for is essential for the process of weight lifting (as explained above). Known as protein synthesis, this is the process of converting amino acids to proteins for repairing and rebuilding). Aim for a minimum of 1 gram of fat per pound of body weight if you are training. Good sources of protein include chicken, red meats and milk.

Whey has proven to be the best protein supplement, packing 30 grams of protein per average serving when mixed with milk.

A certain amount of fat is good. Saturated fats can be highly unhealthy if not eaten in complete moderation as they are very high in cholesterol. However a small amount is ideal for bodybuilders as this boosts testosterone, an essential hormone needed for building muscle.

Essential fatty acids (EFA’S) like Omega 3 and 6 are also much recommended to bodybuilders. The best forms of this are from fresh cold water fish, primrose oil and sunflower oil. Along with calcium, boron and vitamins C D and K, EFA’s help bone mineralisation and protect joints.

Other Exercise to do when bodybuilding.

Don’t just lift weights. Add aerobic activities in to your exercise regime. Aerobic exercise will speed up your metabolism, burning fat. It will extradite waste products like lactic acid from your body, as well as helping the body to carry oxygen to the muscles.

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