Black Friday Gift Guide 2022

We are on the home straight with black Friday very much in sight. Companies across the nation will be offering discounts and we will certainly be joining them. In this guide we will be giving you the low-down on our discounted items to help you take full advantage of black Friday and cyber Monday.


So, what is Black Friday exactly?


Black Friday and cyber Monday originated from the USA but have now been adopted by other western countries. They are sales events that span over the course of 3 days where retailers offer exclusive discounts.


When is it happening in 2022?


The final Friday of the month is where black Friday will fall this year. Black Friday will commence on the 25th of November and Cyber Monday will commence on the 28th.


Will JLL FITNESS be participating?


We always get involved with these sales events and have a wide selection of products available at discounted rates. Join our mailing list to be alerted to our latest discounts here.


Cardio gifts – big savings


CT300 Cross Trainer

The cross trainer to end all cross trainer debates. A perfect piece of kit to deliver stellar cardio sessions, with its lightweight design and app connectivity to provide the full immersive experience.


IC400 ELITE – Indoor Cycle

Get a monstrous workout on this bad boy. One of only 2 friction resistance bikes that we offer and guaranteed to deliver a sturdy exercising experience. With a heavy 20kg flywheel and onboard workout programs, you can best rest assured you’re in safe hands.


Another item to keep an eye on via black Friday.


Velox 2 – Road style bike

If a road bike is more your style, then the Velox 2 is a perfect addition to your home workout arsenal. With app connectivity and 32 levels of electromagnetic resistance,  a great workout is within reaching distance.


Stocking filler ideas


W100 Smartwatch

A smart watch is a great way to set goals for yourself as you head into the new year. Track your steps, calories and distance travelled. Whether it’s day to day activities or your daily dose of exercise, these figures will help keep you on the right path to achieving your goals.


Protein Shaker

Every gym buff will have a need for one of these and their current one has probably started to fement… Our shakers are perfect for breakfast smoothies, protein shakes and anything in-between.


Resistance band set

Such a versatile tool. Perform a multitude of different exercises and target various different muscle groups with just one piece of equipment. What more could you ask for?


Ankle weights

Take your bodyweight workouts to a whole new level by incorporating some ankle weights. Blast your core like never before and get summer body ready in just a few months. Check out our social media for workout routines featuring the ankle weights.


Cash in any of these discounted products during the black Friday sales event. In the meantime, why not enter our competitions for the chance to win some of these products for FREE


Terms and conditions for the competitions on social media platforms:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

The competitions all started on Friday 14th of November and finish on Monday 28th November at 11:59pm.
1 winner will be selected at random and announced through each platform.
JLL Fitness Ltd reserves the right to withdraw from the competition at any time.
UK entries only.
Entrants must be 18+.
All items are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
Entries after the finish date, outside of the UK or if you are under 18 years old,  will not be counted.
If we do not receive a response within 3 days of contacting you. We JLL Fitness, reserve the right to void your prize and offer it to the next random person.

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