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Sports massage should play an integral part in the life of an athlete regardless of whether they are injured or not. Sports massage is a Swedish massage used by sportsmen and women to improve athletic performance, reduce the chance of injury and reduce the amount of time it takes to recover from an injury. It’s amazing how many athletes both elite and amateur fail to see the benefits that sports massage therapy can provide them with. So what exactly are these benefits? In this article I will highlight the many benefits that sports massage can offer.

Reduced recovery times

Sports and exercise can cause a great deal of strain and injury on your muscles. By having a sports massage you can benefit from reduced recovery time, which will allow you to continue playing your sport a lot sooner than expected. As well as being incredibly therapeutic, sports massages can help your body to deal with stress and pain by encouraging your muscles to relax. In addition to this, sports massage is also a great way to increase your blood flow. This is important because it helps your body to recover faster from injury and promotes good general health. Sports massage can also reduce swelling and inflammatory related problems, allowing you to recover from these conditions a lot faster.

A reduced chance of injury

Having regular sports massages is a great way to treat delayed onset muscle soreness related soft tissue pain and muscle aches, allowing you to maintain an intensive training schedule. It can also be used to increase flexibility levels, which can in turn reduce the likelihood of sustaining an injury. The tighter your muscles are, the more susceptible you are to pain and injuries. Another way in which sports massage can reduce the chances of injury is by improving blood flow to the muscles. For maximum results, combine your sports massage with regular stretching, this will work wonders for your flexibility levels.

Improved concentration levels

Having a regular sports massage is a great way to increase concentration levels, which is a key component in maximizing sports performance. In sport, concentration is one of the biggest challenges that an athlete will face, a lack of it can really hinder athletic ability. Due to a reduction in anxiety or stress levels, athletes can concentrate a lot better during stressful situations. Another reason why concentration is important is because an athlete needs to use the right technique to prevent them from picking up injuries on the field, track or court.

Improved moods

As well as providing numerous physical benefits, sports massages are also proven to improve your mood, help reduce anxiety and fight depression. While the physical condition of your body is immensely important, it’s just as important to take care of your mind. Remember, the mental side of sport is just as important as the physical side, so having your mind in a good condition will give you a mental edge over other athletes.

Improved performance levels

Sports massage is an excellent way to improve the functioning of all the positive factors that impact sports performance, such as healthy connective tissues and muscle, a good range of motion, pain free movement, high energy levels, alertness and concentration. As well as optimizing the above performance factors, sports massage can also help to minimize negative factors such as restricted range of motion, dysfunctional muscle, low energy levels and muscle stiffness. Performing to the very best of your sporting ability is about doing all the small things well and having the physical ability to do so; this is why sports massage therapy should have a place in every athlete’s schedule.

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