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Beast Mode – Everything You Need To Know About Staying Motivated Towards Your Fitness Goals

Do you enjoy performing difficult physical activities with extreme determination, skill and power? If so, welcome to beast mode! This type of workout is reserved for the most committed and resolute individuals on the face of the earth. But guess what? Sometimes even these athletes lose motivation too!


So how do you continue to stay motivated with your fitness goals while on beast mode? Here’s how:

Think Variety, Think Fun

By our very nature, humans love variety and change to feel motivated. Having fun is part of the equation because if you’re not enjoying working out then you’re not going to get into the beast mode. Whether it’s by increasing the weights you lift, adding new cardio routines or even adding more reps, there’s nothing your brain and body loves more than a new challenge!  Adding variation and fun to your workout presents challenges to your body. It targets new muscle groups.


Workout with Similar People

A brilliant way to stay motivated in beast mode is by working out with like-minded people. These individuals likely have the same fitness goals as yourself. Some maybe even further ahead in the game. They can give you valuable pointers about how to overcome certain physical and mental obstacles. These individuals typically have a positive attitude which can quickly rub off onto yourself just by being in their company. Besides, nothing stirs up your inner fire than being surrounded by others in beast mode!

Identify Your Deterrents

Being in beast mode forces you to concentrate on your fitness goals. Use this ability to focus on what prompts you to become de-motivated. For example, you might not be a morning person, so working out at day break might be out of the question. But what if that was the only time available. Your chances of committing to your fitness goals will be very low. The solution is to workout when you’re at your best. Apart from time of day, other deterrents might demotivate you such as the weather, personal relationships, work and even a busy schedule. The solution is to schedule workout time in your Android or iPhone and make it happen.


The great thing about being in beast mode is that you’re already in the habit of committing to a fitness regimen. By identifying your deterrents, working out with like-minded individuals and adding a bit of variety in your workout regimen, you’ll be closer to your fitness goals!

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