Why Is The Barbell Set Our New Favourite Fitness Equipment?


The Barbell Set is our new favourite piece of fitness equipment. For those who don’t know, a Barbell Set is basically two dumbbells that have a connecting bar that can connect the two dumbbells to make one long barbell. Simple right? Every time we head down into the JLL Training Studio there’s always a fight over the barbell set…okay maybe not a fight, but there’s definitely a considerable queue.

Here’s an insight into why:

barbell set



Everyone’s a fan of versatile equipment. There’s no two ways about it. If you’ve got a piece of equipment that serves more than one purpose then you’re able to target multiple muscle groups which is a huge benefit. You’re also getting more bang for your buck by having something which does the job of multiple weights. The ability to use a barbell set as both a barbell and dumbbells means you create a huge plethora of exercises that wouldn’t be able to do with just one of either barbell or dumbbell.

The exchangeable plates also mean that you can switch between heavy and light weights at an instant without having to switch between different dumbbells. This is great as it allows you to progress through a full range of moves where you’d need to lift lighter.

Space Saving

As most people don’t have the luxury of owning a home gym or don’t always have the option of heading to the gym, then the Barbell Set is a handy thing to have around the home. As it breaks down into multiple bars and weights, then they can be stored away easily and out of sight.

Target Multiple Muscle Groups

The beauty of the Barbell Set is that you can you can perform any dumbbell move and any barbell move without having to purchase additional equipment. Therefore, you can get a great workout and target any arms, shoulder, back, core or lower body muscle groups. A quick Google search will give you a library of dumbbell and barbell moves you can perform to target your desired area.

Cost Effective

As mentioned previously, a Barbell Set will give you value for money as it saves you buying both a barbell and dumbbells and then any weight plates that you would need to equip them with. This saves money which is what everybody wants, right?


I think we’re going to have to fill our Training Studio with more Barbell Sets as we don’t want any arguments on the gym floor. It’s easy to see why they’re so popular among Team JLL and also why they’re flying off the shelves.

Grab yours by visiting here.

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