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Everyone who has gotten into strength training has at some point benefited from picking up a barbell. But why have we been using barbells?


The reason that barbells are so valuable to our workouts is that they are an ergonomically-friendly load-handling tool allowing for a range of weights to be gripped in your hands and moved directly over the center of your feet. Their adjustable nature allows small increases in stress to be applied to the whole body over the full range of motion of all your major muscles these then accumulate into amazing results as you progress.


What is a barbell?


Barbells are simply long-chromed steel bars that you add free weights to on either end. They are useful for a range of exercises and are great to help you build muscle as well as strengthen muscle through control of the bar.


Different Types of Barbells?


Olympic Barbells


An Olympic barbell can carry plates weighing as much as 320kg/700lb. We have 6ft and 7ft options ranging from 12.6kg to 17.1kg. The Olympic bar as the name implies is designed for Olympic weightlifting, the snatch, clean, and jerk. They will flex a little bit and the loading sleeves rotate smoothly. They are a good choice with a great price as they are very robust, in other words, they will withstand being dropped from over your head repeatedly. You can find our Olympic barbells through this link.

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A standard barbell measures between 4ft to 6ft long and weighs between 4.5kg – 6.6kg. Standard barbells are cheaper and best suited to those who are new to lifting weights. You will also see these types of barbells from curled to straight.

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Dumbbell/Barbell set


Part of the barbell conversation is our 20kg dumbbell Barbell set.  Fully adjustable so you can select the weights you desire to lift. It is quick and easy to make combining 2 Chrome Plated Dumbbell Bars and one central chrome join to make a barbell.

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What to Look for When Buying a Barbell



The grip that you want is all about your preference and how much weight you will be lifting. All our bars use Knurling which is a hatched grip pattern. Our bars have knurling on the left and right side of the bar for you to position your hands naturally when lifting.

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If you want a good grip as you may get sweaty then our knurled pattern on the grip area is perfect.




Here you have a choice between bumper plates or cast-iron plates. If you are powerlifting, then iron plates should be fine but if you are dropping the bar a lot then rubber bumper plates will be a great option as they are durable and impact resistant.

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