Avoid the basic run boredom on a treadmill with these interval workouts

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Nowadays, treadmills are an essential in every gym and they are also becoming very popular for home use thanks to the foldable option that most of companies offer such as JLL Fitness. A basic walk or run every time you exercise on the treadmill may be bored, so I thought that share one of my favourite treadmill workouts with you could be an excuse to break the routine and burn more calories!

I get easily bored with the basic run; I rather prefer running intervals on the treadmill because it increases fat burning and makes you work more muscle groups. For those who do not know, intervals consist in alternating between high-intensity workouts and low intensity rest sets. You can increase the intensity by boosting the speed, the incline or both together.

The two workouts that I wanted to share with you are two programmes of the JLL D100 that I love that can give you an idea of exercising. On this model the speed changes smoothly every 200 metres until you complete the exercise which takes around 20 minutes.

The first one (graph shown below) starts at 3.9 km/h and keeps increasing the speed smoothly during 1000 metres until you reach 9 km/h. After that the speed will decrease to recover pulsations for 200 metres. It will boost again for other 200 metres. From that point, the speed will decrease smoothly so you can start to cool down.
treadmill workout display graph

The workout shows above is the one I started with, now I am working up my endurance with a program which offers more intervals. Do you want to give it a go? This program starts at 4.2 km/h and it has two peaks of 10 km/h and 12 km/h. The run is going up and down during the 20 minutes that the workout lasts. The good thing about this kind of training is you would give to your body a challenge and you will see the result by reducing a pant size!

treadmill workout display distance
Try it out; you will be sweating load! If you have enjoyed this post, please do share it with your friends and networks.

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