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Buying Guide: Commercial Gym Equipment

Whether you’re sourcing commercial gym equipment for a new business or looking to add some new features to an existing gym, there are always important considerations to make before you start spending. There are so many aspects...

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Home Gym Setup’s During Lockdown

Throughout lockdown exercising has become a more and more popular way for us to pass the time and learn new things. Inspiring us to get up and make the most of it. From running, outdoor yoga classes to learning new sports people have been coming up with all different ways to keep fit and make positive changes.


Should Women consume more protein?

As a woman, I have found that I have been put off protein shakes and lifting weights for fear of looking like a female Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is a common feeling among a lot of women which...

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How To Reuse Pumpkins

A Pumpkin is always on our shopping list when Halloween creeps near. However, we waste so many by throwing them away instead of re-using them. Alternatively, why not recycle! 1. Eat it Pumpkins are full of great...


Holiday Fitness

Holiday Fitness We often try and keep ourselves fit to aim for a goal, weddings, birthdays and most often a Holiday. Holidays, however, can also spell disaster for those waistlines and plunge all your good work down...