Take Steps To A Better Future – The JLL Aerobic Step

Want to know how to train efficiently, lower your body fat and keep the blood flowing? It sounds like we are talking about a gym, well you’re wrong. With one piece of equipment, the JLL Aerobic Stepper, you can easily do all of the above.

When you think of a stepper, you may automatically think “is this going to make a difference”? However, you need to consider how long you are training for and the constant exercises that will add up for a perfect workout. So, let’s delve into the reasons why the stepper is so good.


Getting the blood around your body seems easy as it is involuntary by the heart however, you need to engage your muscles to increase this to get your heart rate up. Having the stepper will help assist this and get the lungs working for a great workout and recovery process.


It pretty much does what it says and that is the beauty of it. The stepper is not a difficult piece of equipment to use and you can find hundreds of videos if you have run out of ideas for the next exercise.

Low Impact

The first word to that comes to mind with low impact is longevity. Being fitter is ultimately going to lead to a longer time being able to train. As the height of the stepper is not too high or demanding, this allows the joints to go through less stress compared to heavy loaded exercises.

Calorie Burner

Being able to use the stepper for long amounts of time, can lead to burning a LOT of calories. If you want to increase the tempo and make it more difficult, yes you have guessed correctly, you will burn more calories. Up to 300 calories in 30 minutes to be exact

Full Body Workout

What does lying dumbbell raise, pike pushups and planks have in common? Yes, it involves the upper-body but that is not the answer, these all can be used on the stepper. Allow yourself to think outside the box and see how versatile the stepper can be and create more workouts to shape your body.

Being in the comfort of your own home and being able to train before or after work is a great investment to make with the stepper and before you know it, it will empower your fitness.

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