About JLL Fitness


The JLL Fitness Blog is a place to share recipes, health tips, workouts, fitness, and some fashion posts that is based in Birmingham. Here you will find healthy recipes, nutritional tips, and informative workout posts. In JLL we love exercising and getting a healthy life style, so this is our way of sharing everything we have learned over the years with people as passionate about health lifestyle as you!

Here is what you will find on Journey Live Living blog.

  • Fresh and healthy recipes.
  • Inspiration to achieve your goals: slim down, improve eating habits…
  • Encouragement to try new exercises and foods.
  • Approach to take the stress out of coming up with relaxing exercises.

Here is what you won’t find

  • Intimidating work outs techniques.
  • Specialised gym routines.
  • Boring, generic recipes or fitness exercises.

Although our fitness and health findings have done wonders for us, we are not a trained dietician or certified personal trainer, but we are continually in the process of learning more about healthy living. We want to offer new motivational training ideas and tips to fuel your body with nutritious and unusual recipes.

Enjoy, and always feel free to get in touch with questions!


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