9 Reasons on why you should buy a treadmill from a manufacturer

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Once you have decided that you want to get a treadmill, start the “crazy” online searching to get more acknowledge about the running machine: dimensions, programmes, incline features… Then starts the prices comparison. And there is the eternal question… Shall I buy from a distributor or buy directly from the manufacturer? We all know that suppliers and distributors act as “middle man”, passing products on to the customers and covering their costs in the process. So here you go 9 reasons on why you should buy a treadmill from a manufacturer.

  1. Most manufacturers are engineering and manufacturing focused.
  2. Manufacturers are expected to spend their efforts on developing great products.
  3. They are the pioneers of innovation.
  4. Expert service. They know and understand every detail and feature because they see them through every stage of design and production.
  5. They often stock a large range of products than retailers, who tend to pick just a few out of a larger range to sell themselves.
  6. Advice is more specialised, they are in prime position to provide the best advice to a customer waiting to make a purchase.
  7. 7. Lower prices, there will almost always be a better purchase price on offer. Cutting out the “middle man”.
  8.  Manufacturers’ often offer better deals on warranties.
  9.  It is much easier to get replacement parts when dealing direct with the manufacturer, as opposed to going through various other organisations.

In JLL we are always looking for the most affordable way to bring our products direct to our customers and our website regularly offering great discounts. When you buy direct from our website you can be confident that you are shopping securely online. To view our full range of home folding treadmills, light-commercial running machines, fitness equipment and more visit our website!

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