9 Surprising Foods To Develop A Healthy Stomach

If you have a troubled stomach, it means what you’ve eaten has affected the bacteria in your stomach. The health of your gut or stomach has often been linked to your moods, mental health and behaviour, so it helps to keep it running smoothly. This means that you need to have as varied good bacteria working for you in your stomach as possible which will fight their unhealthy counterparts.


Here are some surprisingly good foods that will help you have a healthy stomach and won’t keep you deprived of delicious fare:

Unpasteurized cheese: There are some cheeses like Cheddar that are matured and aged by using good bacteria. These types of cheese are perfect to be carriers of live cultures because they are capable of acting as safeguards against stomach acid which destroys microbes before they can reach the small intestine. Cheese is also abundant in protein and calcium which are instrumental in causing weight loss by bettering the digestion and normalising metabolism.

Yogurt: This is also a probiotic food like cheese that is helpful in creating good bacteria in the stomach. It also creates an acidic environment that reduces the presence of harmful bacteria in the gut.

Peas: Peas joins the list of known probiotic foods due to the presence of Leuconostoc mesenteroides, a strong probiotic which ferments very well under low temperatures. The bacteria stimulate your immune system and aid in protecting the body’s second skin or its mucosal barrier, which passes through the digestive system and is the body’s first barrier against harmful bacteria and dangerous toxins.

Dark chocolate: It is a known fact that dark chocolate contains several important vitamins and minerals. However, it is not yet a well-known fact that this food has a positive impact on the state of your gut. Researchers say that good bacteria break down and ferment the compounds contained in dark chocolate. Due to this, the dark chocolate begins to have anti-inflammatory properties, which benefit our health. Being basically a probiotic food, dark chocolate stimulates a healthy gut which gives us overall good health.

Kimchi: This is an Asian fermented salad, comprising radish, cabbage and scallions. The red color is a paste of salted shrimp and red pepper which combine to give you a healthy gut and keep slim.

Relaxing teas: According to research, stress can have a negative effect on gut bacteria, so it pays not to undergo stress. Instead, you can keep yourself calm and stress-free by choosing to drink those teas that infuse relaxation and a stress-free feeling, such as peppermint, chamomile or lemon balm.

Popcorn: To have healthy bacteria in your stomach, you need to have a good amount of fibre. This is usually present in vegetables, fruits and nuts, and popcorn too. Popcorn contains 3.6 grams of fibre in three cups of popped corn, so go ahead and gorge on it.

Garlic: Garlic can behave as a prebiotic, which is a food that’s good for healthy bacteria to proliferate in the gut. However, if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, it’s best to steer clear of garlic, as its high content of the carbohydrate fructans will pose a problem in digesting food.


Oranges: Oranges have a soluble fibre that is fermented by the good bacteria in the stomach. One of its by-products is called butyrate, a fatty acid. It is also the preferred channel for the cells that line the gastrointestinal tract and work to provide a healthy gut. In order to get the maximum out of an orange in this regard, you need to entire fruit since its soluble fibre content is contained in the membranes of the orange’s segments.



If you’re sensitive to certain foods or find yourself with a weak stomach at times, consider choosing these helpers in bettering your digestion, diet and overall lifestyle. This will make a positive impact on your health and you can enjoy your meals much more.

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