7 easy daily beauty secrets for women

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We spend hours in getting ready: hydrate the face, moisturize the body, hair conditioner…, but do you know that we can save some time by doing some of this stuff before going to sleep? Yes, as you read, with this 7 daily beauty tips you will wake up with soft skin and perfect waves. Keep reading to find those beauty secrets.

1. Clean your body.

Advice: Sometimes our skin may seem dirty because of air pollution, a good way to keep it clean, besides remove our makeup every night, is by drinking green tea. That will help you to not retain liquids by its antioxidants property, a problem that most of women have. Green tea is must for every diet.

2. Swollen eyes.

Advice: Apply eye cream before going to bed, preferably one with caffeine as one of the ingredients. And try to add an extra pillow that would help your eyes to drain easier and keep the swollen to a minimum.

3. Rough feet.

Advice: Apply some moisturizing foot cream and put socks on before you sleep. I guarantee when you wake up and take your socks off, you will have perfect soft soles.

4. Dehydrated nails.

Advice: A friend of mine who is beautician gave me this advice ages ago, since then I can live without it! If you have dehydrated nails, put some olive oil on a makeup remover cotton pad and apply it on your nails before go to bed. After a while your nails will grow up stronger and hydrated.

5. Messy hair.

Advice: Style your hair before bed. Do a basic, fishtail or a French plait, or twist your hair into buns. So when you wake up, your hair would look fantastic thanks to the waves you created the night before!

6. Dry hair.

Advice: Use leave-in conditioner. These hair care products are applied afterward and left in your locks until the next washing. On the market you would find plenty of leave-in conditioner depending on your hair type.

7. Keep you healthy.

Advice: Get a healthy habit by keep moving. Walk, jog or run at least 30 minutes every day to be fit and keep a good body figure.

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