6 simple ways that will help you to get happiness

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We live in an overall world. We run to everywhere (university, work, gym…) We do not have spare time for our friends or family because we are too busy chasing the dream of full happiness that we think we would find on the future when we have a better job, a better house, better friends… And we forget about living the present, today is important. So, stop for a second, breathe and check this post where you will find my secrets of happiness, something that you have not realised yet, but you may have it already, so it always is good to point it out.

1. Enjoy what you do

What is the point to hate what we do? Money? Social relationships? Glory? That will not make you happy. At the beginning, you could think it would, but you may lose your friends and family for putting too much effort on a work that you do not enjoy and consuming most of your time. It is very important to be happy at work too. Think what kind of job would make you happier and do it.

2. Enjoy what you have

Do not wish what someone else has, enjoy what you already have. Happy people have modest levels of expectation and aspirations. It is good to have dreams about your future, but try to make them reachable.

3. Enjoy every day

Do not think too much on the past because it is gone, or too much on the future because it is not here yet. Enjoy the present! Be happy of being here, surrounded by your loved ones and doing wherever makes you smile.
Enjoy spending time on your own: have a relaxing bath, walk on the park, read a book, listen to music… Think about what makes you feel relax and happy and do it! Make today count. “Life as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever”, I wish those were my words, but no, they are Gandhi’s.

4. Enjoy the company of your friends and family

Working is not everything in life, building a rich social life is important too. As I mention before, it is good to enjoy spent time on our own, but it also good sharing your experiences or thoughts when you are travelling or watching a movie with friends or family, don’t you think?
One of my core values in life is family and friends. And more since I move from Spain to England, here my friends have become my family. I could not be living on this country for so long if it was not for them. What I mean by all this is that active, busy, social people are the healthiest and happiest in society, so do not lock yourself, get out and enjoy life!

5. Enjoy being yourself

What can be better than be you? We are always looking for feeling ourselves special from the rest, be unique, but we try to copy the way of living of actors or actresses, models, friends… We do not realise that happy people are spontaneous, natural and real, that is the beauty of each one of us. Happy people do not care about what others think, they are just themselves. So stop comparing yourself with the “neighbour” and start enjoying for being yourself.

6. Think positive

I have always stood out for my optimism. When people ask me how do I do it? I just tell them that I believe that you always can see the good side of everything. No matter how dark you see the skyline, there is always a silver lining.
I always put the same example; four years ago my dad had a stroke. At that time I was working as a sales assistant and after visiting my dad at hospital, I went to work and never stopped smiling to the customers while I was assisting them. That helped me to forget for a while about the horrible situation that I was living. Losing a parent is the saddest thing I ever got along, but I learnt that sadness cannot help you to face the day to day; it is optimism what makes you keep going. Life goes on for those who are in it, so think positive, everything happens for a reason.

Do you have others secrets of happiness? Share them with us.

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