6 Reasons Why You Should Add Strength Training into Your Workout Routine

Strength training (also known as resistance training) involves the use of resistance to trigger muscular contraction which develops strength, aerobic endurance, as well as the size of skeletal muscles.

strength training

Many people have the perception that strength training is a preserve for bodybuilders. However, this is only partially true. People in all age brackets can benefit from this training, even those with health issues such as arthritis.

Strength training is ideal for people looking for an all-in-one package since it helps strengthen your bones, improve your balance, lose weight and increase your physical health at the same time.

The benefits of strength training

1. It improves your physical appearance

Research shows that women have a preference for men with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. Since strength training helps men achieve just that, it’s the perfect exercise, enabling them to develop substantial and nicely toned muscles thus improving their physical appearance.

Although most women do not have the testosterone to develop the same proportion of muscles as men, they can increase their strength by the same proportion as men and develop a firm and toned body. Therefore, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, resistance training is something you should definitely add to your workout routine.

2. It helps improve your body mechanics

Strength training goes beyond giving you nicely toned muscles and a better physical appearance. It also helps improve your body mechanics. How you sit and stand is largely determined by the strength of your back, shoulders, neck, hip and abdominal muscles. Resistance training helps improve the strength of these muscles thus enabling you to stand and sit more comfortably.

It also enhances coordination and flexibility. Research shows that resistance training can reduce the risk of falling by up to forty percent for people with poor flexibility and balance. It is, therefore, crucial to use strength training if you wish to improve your flexibility balance and posture.

3. Better health and disease prevention

various studies have shown that strength training can help reduce pain for people living with arthritis. In fact, some of these studies suggest that strength training can be just as effective as medicine in pain reduction. Strength training can also help increase your bone density and help you reduce the risk of bone fractures.

4. Better stress management

Few things are better stress relievers than resistance training. This type of training is often intense and elevates the levels of serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine which can help improve your mood and better manage feelings of depression. In addition, it improves the quality of your sleep by enabling you to fall asleep quicker and deeper.

5. Better body composition

You can burn a lot of calories during and after strength training. This boosts your metabolism and results in less fat and more muscles. With regular strength training, you will experience a decrease in strength and body-fat measurements. Not only will you shed a couple of pounds but you will also be able to maintain your weight-loss.

6. It offers the opportunity to socialize
Exercise groups are a pretty good way to meet new people. Since the best way to increase your activity is to do it in a group, strength training allows you to meet new people who you can add to your network of friends. You can also ask your friends to join you in the gym to make it more fun and engaging experience.
Studies show that having a “workout buddy” can actually double your workout performance. Finding a partner with similar goals and fitness level can be hard to find, but finding someone with drive, determination and motivation is easy.

strength training
In conclusion, it is important to reiterate that strength training is not confined to weightlifting. Jump squats, push-ups, and lunges are also forms of exercise that provide strength training.

 As has been explained above, adding strength training into your routine workouts will not only fill your life with bliss, you will feel better, look better and live a healthier, happier, life.


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