6 Exercises that Help to Improve Mind and Body Coordination

Most of our daily basis tasks are strongly dependent upon the mind body coordination. Very often idea of doing something hits our mind. But a lack of mental coordination results in what we call as delayed execution, but we don’t get to accomplish it. Briefly, human body needs to maintain a balance of thinking and putting those thoughts into practicality at any moment. Such a situation may arise during accomplishing of some daily basis tasks, taking examination, solving a puzzles, playing games or even doing work outs in gym.

Improving mind and body coordination is more like working on improvement of reflexes. Here are 6 funny exercises that inevitably help in improving mind and body coordination.


  1. Play With Balloons of Different Colours

It is going to be fun. In fact every step of this exercise is just another entertainment. First of all, blow at least three or two balloons of different colors. Now, toss them into the air and try catching them or pushing them upwards once they near your hand. The task of not letting the balloon hit the ground will not only engage your brain but also body. Consequently, you will be able to boost your mind body coordination in a funny and sporty manner.

  1. Hit the Targets

Practicing to hit the targets right is just another way of preparing the mind for an agile response. For this purpose, you can repeat the trick of choosing different colors as you did in case of balloon. For a better result, align the different colored targets with the wall and then take an aim with the ball. Now, hit colored targets in an order. Make the task more challenging for you by increasing your distance or aiming from different angles. You can also turn around and randomly hit your target to test your perfection.

  1. Juggling

Juggling is quite a funny and entertaining technique. Very often people try catching different balls all at the same time. So, take two to three balls and toss them in air making sure that you don’t let all these balls fall down. If you want to practice higher level of flexibility then consider juggling with the balls of different colors. In this way, your brain needs to work on focusing on colors that you try to catch. Consequently, you will also see an increase in the muscle coordination- this is because of strong link between brain health and physical exercise. Apart from preparing the brain for brisk movement, juggling also ensures to boost the muscle health. It can be another exercise to get leaner arms, in particular circumstances.

  1. Rope Jumping

Now, this is an exercise that you don’t even realize if it is an exercise. Everyone loves to jump over the rope and there are those who can count up to 100 jumps within two to three minutes. The game also engages all the body muscles. It is indeed one of the best work outs that prepare the brain for a swift response and make it capable of signaling the body in a better way.

  1. Solving Puzzle

Solving of difficult puzzles is less of physical and more mental exercise. Despite of being such rewarding, the practice might not be much useful in boosting the brain and body coordination but it can inevitably prepare the brain to work in mentally challenging situations. There are so many puzzle games out there. One can try from easy to difficult one.

Apart from solving the puzzles, learning new language, reading actively or indulging in some creative activity are also the tasks that make mind prepared for reacting quickly or solving the questions.

  1. Practicing Yoga

Saying that static postures of yoga help to improve the mind body coordination, might not make sense. After all, how come sitting on floor with legs crossed can help brain teach something to body. But, Yoga is an effective exercise in de-cluttering of body. It detoxifies the brain from all those vicious thoughts that keep on haunting otherwise. Hence, practicing yoga does thought cleaning of the brain and helps it concentrate on necessary things in a better way.



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