5 tips to correct exercising mistakes on a treadmill

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We all know that treadmills are very good for keeping you fit and improving your healthy life style. It is one of the machines that helps you to burn more calories. The proof is that in every gym you have been at, they have plenty of treadmills compared to the rest of the fitness equipment such as exercise bikes and cross trainers. Nowadays, running machines have become one of the essential at home as well, that is because we do not have so much time for exercising at the gym or running outdoors with the seasonal inclemency. Plus most of home treadmills are foldable and easy transport which makes them perfect for homes with space problems. But sometimes we make some mistakes while exercising on the treadmill; here you have 5 tips to correct them.

1. Wear right shoes:

It is very important to pick the right shoe for your exercise and prevent future injuries. For walking or running on a treadmill it is recommended to use running shoes with enough shock cushions to avoid pain and long-term injury of your ankles, feet, calves and legs.

2. Look ahead:

Try to do not look at your feet when you are walking or running on the treadmill, by doing so you could have risk of lose your balance and it could strain the back of your neck. Keep the right position when you are on the running machine, remember to look ahead, have an upright posture and keep your arms loose by your sides.

jll d700 home treadmill

3. Tread softly:

Avoid slapping your feet down. It is better if you walk or run as you would normally by landing on the ball of your foot, not your heel. That would protect your heels and foot bones. And do not stride too long because you could hit the front of the treadmill frame, I know that sounds weird, but it happened to me before!

4. Alternate your exercise routine:

Doing the same exercise routine day after day, over and over again, besides it is boring, it will make you burn fewer calories because your body is adapted to that workout. Try to change at least one aspect of your routine every 2 or 3 weeks to help prevent muscle and joints strains. The aspects that you can change of your routine are intensity, duration and frequency.

5. Keep your arms by your sides

It is good to hold the handrails to keep your heart rate under control, but not during the entire workout program because you will decrease your calories burned. Try to keep your arms loose by your sides.
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