5 Reasons To Workout With A Cross-trainer

How often do you use a cross-trainer? By that I mean the Elliptical exercise machine and not an angry PT shouting at you in the gym. The cross-trainer often gets neglected in the gym and isn’t considered as glamourous as the treadmill or the exercise bike. That’s no reason to write it off though! The cross-trainer is an incredibly versatile and useful machine. Here are 5 reasons why you should be working out with a cross-trainer.



  1. It works the whole body

Using a cross-trainer will provide you with a whole-body workout. As good as exercise bikes and treadmills are, they will only localise muscle stimulation to the area being worked. The beauty of the cross-trainer though is that you can work your legs, arms and even your core to shred fat and tone muscle in these areas. This makes your training more efficient as you don’t have to spend more time focusing on different body parts when everything gets worked at once!

Finding a two-way cross-trainer where you can pedal in both directions is also important. By pedalling backwards you can work more leg muscles than usual and you can focus on working the glutes and hamstrings.

Overall, the cross-trainer provides a great cardiovascular workout that will affect the whole body.


  1. Incorporate it into any workout

You can use a cross-trainer at any time during your workout including the warm up/down, as part of a HIIT or even as a whole 45 minute conditioning session in it’s own right. This means you don’t have to get bored when using a cross-trainer and you can use it in different ways to keep your workout fresh!


  1. Easy on the joints

The most beneficial part of using a cross-trainer is the fact that it is ‘low impact’. This means that using one won’t have a heavy impact on your joints like running would. This makes it easier to exercise for a longer period of time and won’t have a detrimental impact on joints and ligaments over time. This is also particularly useful if you’re trying to exercise with an injury or recovering from an injury. As your feet are planted on the foot plates, it doesn’t require you to bring your foot down with hard force.

A cross-trainer is also a handy machine as you can regulate your speed easier than with any other machine. The power is generated by the user as opposed to a treadmill where it’s set at a constant speed. So, if you want to burn more calories then push yourself harder! This is also handy from a safety aspect as you’re not likely to injure yourself by pushing yourself too hard.

It’s not only your joints that will benefit from using a cross-trainer. Your posture will also improve as you’re constantly exercising in an upright position with a straight back. This is great for posture or those that suffer with back trouble as you’re not bent over something like an exercise bike.


  1. Great for home use.

There’s no need to pay for expensive gym memberships if you invest in a cross-trainer. You can pick up a basic elliptical machine from around the £100 mark. Which if you take into account the average gym membership price of £40 a month, it would pay for itself in no time. Buying a cross-trainer for the home would also be particularly useful as it’s suitable for the whole family. This is another cost-effective way of getting the whole family active because there’d be no need to purchase multiple gym memberships.

  1. Can be used for any level of fitness

No matter how fit you are, you’ll find a cross-trainer challenging to use if used in the correct way. The versatility of an elliptical machine means that it is suitable for beginner or advanced users. Many cross trainers come equipped with magnetic, electric, friction or air resistance so training with a high resistance setting will burn calories and improve stamina effectively. Even a cross trainer with friction resistance will provide a tough workout providing the resistance is set high enough.cross-trainer

Using a cross-trainer has a wide variety of benefits. If you’re looking to shake up your workout routine then it’s something to definitely consider. So, next time you’re in the gym, don’t just skip over the cross-trainer!

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